wap.hg1266.com I ’ve been married for almost 20 years and have been renting a house. Every day, 70,000 people go to their family blog to envy their lives.

I ’ve been married for almost 20 years and have been renting a house. Every day, 70,000 people go to their family blog to envy their lives.

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Do I have to buy a house to get married?

Is life happy with a house?

This family that can touch 70,000 people in Japan every day,

But it is telling people different answers with silent happiness.

Mori Yuji and Ada got married as soon as they graduated. Although Mori Yuji had no house, A Da married him.

And now, nearly 20 years of marriage, Mori Yuji and his wife, two children, and three dogs live in a rented house in the suburbs of Fukuoka, Japan, but never thought about buying a house.

Daughter Hai and Son Kong, and 3 dogs

Mori Yuji has a family blog called "da cafe diary", which has been recording the daily life of the family since 2002. For more than ten years, the text is full of details of life.

Because so many people love to watch this blog, in 2006 he won the "Japan Blog Awards Photography Award" and later published three books.

Mori Youji University's major is "Pig Behavior". Every time someone asks him what this major is for, he always says humorously, "I know the mood of pigs."

He likes photography very much at the university, but after working hard for a long time, he can't become a professional photographer. After graduating, I suddenly wondered "Why can't I be a designer who understands the mood of pigs" and become a designer of furniture products.

Then he took his wife to the outskirts of Fukuoka and rented a house to live and work hard and live a simple life. But photography appeared in his life in another form.

This is Mori Yuji, many years after graduation

Since 2002, Mori Yuji has posted some daily photos on a blog called “da cafe Diary”. Da comes from the pronunciation of his wife Ada. Cafe is because Mori Yuji liked coffee at that time.

A picture, accompanied by a simple comment, was originally just a picture of his wife and a puppy he raised.

Wife da

Doudou is a stray dog rescued by Mori Yuji in college

Have been raised till now

Also became the best playmate for two children

从两个人一条狗的三口之家慢慢变成了四个人,三条狗的七口之家。 Fifteen years now, from a family of three with two dogs to a family of four with three dogs.

幸福却定格在每一瞬间。 The days are gone, but happiness is fixed in every moment.

右二大女儿海, The right-most father Mori Tomoji, the second-right daughter Hai,

The leftmost mother, Da, the second left son is empty

The names of sons and daughters are as early as 18 years old,

Mori Yuji thought about it.

大家却在这个小小的房子里过着简单却幸福的生活。 The rented house is small, but everyone lives a simple but happy life in this small house.

Wooden floor, log furniture, linen curtains,

Simple, exquisite and warm little home,

Although rented, it is unequivocal.

Daughter Hai, favorite comics. When he was a kid, he was a strange child. He grew up very well, a small adult.

Like to play with dog meatballs

Because it ’s called the sea, I like the sea too

Like to hang out with mom

"Someone chased me!"

Love watching cherry blossoms

First thing to get up

Went to see my brother woke up

When I grow up, I love watching comics

Hold up a comic book whenever you have time

You look at me like this

How can i eat

Hugging the Dog Dog Peas to Do Homework

Won't you be disturbed

Do homework quietly

Dog Peas has become a bauble behind

小的时候一天到晚要姐姐帮忙,怕鬼,所以晚上不敢一个人去厕所。 My son is empty, lively and cute. When I was young, I asked my sister to help me.

Sleeping unruly when I was young

Strange sleeping positions one after another

Can I fall asleep while riding a car?


Almost fall!

The little round table in the living room is also my bed

Love to sleep with mom

Dog soft

So comfortable

and so

And dogs are pillows for each other?


Have you been teased by the empty sleeping position?

A lot of fun things in the growth were recorded.

Be careful not to be robbed by dogs

That's how I love asparagus

Mom shows me something fun

Love to go to the beach to ride a small tricycle

Also like cycling

Nothing to feed the ducks

Going to the first grade of elementary school

For a while obsessed with the empty hole

Like to study models with dad

Watch TV with a dog

I love to watch the same channel

Ah, I almost fell

Good weekend, sister watching comics, brother playing games

守护着两个孩子。 Ada and her father Mori Tomoji guard the two children.

This home is always quiet and beautiful, gentle and delicate.

Crazy guess song six words English

Mother with child on treasure hunt

Like to be with dogs

18-year-old mother

It ’s ruthless to play snowball with my son.

在这个家里,生活地像猪一样,随意,自在。 Three dogs, Doudou, dumplings and meatballs, in this home, live like pigs, at will, at ease.

From left to right, dumplings, beans and meatballs

Early, early, did you eat

Why you two sleep on the sofa

I sleep on the floor

This pillow is so comfortable

Hey ~~ This sleeping position is too ecstatic

Love each other and sleep together

Domination of a fan

却也是最幸福可爱的瞬间。 Each picture is the smallest and trivial life, but also the happiest and lovely moment.

儿女渐渐长大, 但一家人灿烂的笑容却从未减少。 As the years passed, the children grew up, but the family's bright smile never diminished.

Mori Tomoji said:

"I will continue to work hard every day in my own way, and naturally there will be laughter and sadness with my wife.

I will also do my best to raise Xiaohai and Xiaokong, and take pictures of every bit of my life as a diary.

I hope that I can calmly cope with the passage of time, and that I can take everyone's bright smiles at any time with the camera hanging around my neck! "

He doesn't like to go far, and he has no ambitions. He does his job well, guards his own home, and records every bit of life in this family.

What is happiness?

Mori Tomoji said, "Happiness is daily life."

Maybe true happiness really is not whether it is necessary to have a house, whether it can travel around the world, whether it is vigorous, but the long-lasting warmth.

养几只宠物, 平平淡淡却温馨从容地, 把自己的生活过成一首浪漫的小诗。 Raising children and raising a few pets together is a bland, yet cozy, calm life , turning your life into a romantic poem.

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