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♬ Qingming: Miss you, my loved ones

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream


To Qingming again,

Will you remember them?

Those who have died,

They are gone

But you know very well

In your world,

They did not leave completely,

Many years have passed,

Ta will still make you cry ...

Regret, remorse, perseverance, heartache, miss, sadness,

Are pinned in these deep eulogy:

Ten years of life and death.

Don't think about it.

A thousand miles lonely grave, desolate nowhere.

Even if the meeting should be ignorant, dusty, frosty.

Youmeng suddenly returned home at night.

Xiaoxuan window, dressing.

There is nothing to say but tears.

It is expected that the intestine is cut off every year, and the moonlight night, Kusatsuoka.

("Jiang Chengzi · Yiyue Zhengyue 20th Night Diary Dream" Su Shi)

You walked too fast and didn't even leave the last word, so you left with regret.

We have too much to say to you, there is too much to do for you, but you just hurried away, leaving us with endless pain, making us uneasy for life!

We believe that it is only your weak body that has passed away, and your eternal soul will be sublimated.

愿逝去的亲人安息! The deceased is dead, the living is so, may the dead relatives rest in peace!

Jiaozuo Education Channel

Before and after the Ming dynasty, the long grass warbler flies, the flowers are in full bloom, and the willow branches are green. They prepare sake with their family and sprinkle it in front of the deceased. At this moment, in addition to the thoughts of the ancestors, what lingers around you is a warmer affection.


Qingming Food

Historically, the day before the Qingming Festival was the Cold Food Festival. In the traditional customs of our country, the cold food festival does not move the fire and only eats cold food. As the Qingming Festival and the Cold Food Festival are adjacent to each other, the folks have gradually combined the Qingming Festival and the Cold Food Festival into one, which is today's Qingming Festival. The vast and profound Chinese culture of food culture has created a variety of cold and clear cold food. Fan Xiaoer will take you to see it.

Qingming dumplings, Jiangnan people like to mix wormwood and rice noodles to make skins, wrap the fillings, make them oblate, and steam them in baskets. This dumpling is as green as jade, glutinous and tender, soft and fragrant. It tastes sweet but not greasy, and it is fat but not stingy.

Qingmingyan, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other northern regions are used to making flour in the shape of a swallow during Qingming Festival, stringed with jujube tree or poplar wicker, and hanging on the lintel to express the "memorial" of the sage meson push ".


Wuyuan rice is located in the Qiang people's settlement in the east of Fujian. Before and after Qingming, the picked Wuyuan leaves are washed, boiled in clear water, the leaves are removed, and then the glutinous rice is soaked in Wuyuan soup. Remove after soaking for 9 hours, cook in a cooking cage, and serve immediately when cooked.

Run cake dishes, every Qingming season, Quanzhou people have the custom of eating "run cake dishes". It is said that the source of the moist cake came from the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. At that time, gangsters were in chaos and spread to southern Fujian, especially in the areas of Zhang and Quan. Due to the chaos and shortage of horses and no time to prepare sacrifices, someone came up with a way to roll all the food into the skin to sacrifice the tomb.

Qingming Health

The Qingming solar term belongs to spring, and it belongs to the same wood as the liver. In particular, elderly people with hyperactive liver yang are prone to headaches and dizziness. This is what the traditional medicine in the motherland calls "spring-qi patients with various diseases in their heads." Therefore, in the spring, you can choose chrysanthemum tea with the effect of evacuation of wind-heat and clearing the liver and eyesight. It can not only nourish the liver and biliary, clear the meridians, but also distribute the cold evil accumulated in the body during the winter.

Qingming solar terms is also a season when chronic diseases such as asthma, hypertension, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are prone. It is not appropriate to eat "fat" foods. If you eat hair again at this time, it is likely to induce these diseases. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, the so-called "hair stuff" refers to the products that use the wind to produce phlegm, produce poison, and help fire and evil. Therefore, foods such as lamb and dog meat should be eaten appropriately.

Here are some foods that are suitable for your health in spring: pumpkin, sweetness, peace of mind, refreshing mind; leek, driving cold and warming the sun, tonifying the kidney qi; shrimp, tonifying the kidney and yang; eggs, enhancing memory, brain health puzzle; Banana, nourishing brain, nourishing lungs and coughing; Tremella, nourishing qi, clearing intestines, nourishing yin and nourishing lungs; honey, nourishing lungs, detoxifying and nourishing beauty; yam, nourishing spleen and nourishing qi, nourishing kidney and nourishing brain; amaranth, clearing liver and clearing eyes, clearing heat Diuretic; spinach, cleansing the skin, rich in iron; lettuce, five internal organs, clearing heat and diuretic.

Qingming customs

Worship and Grave Sweeping

Tomb sweeping was originally a custom of cold food the day before (or the first three days) of Qingming. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has gradually merged with Qingming. It has become a custom of Qingming Festival, which is called "respect for the time." For taboos and taboos, know that some negligence can cause unnecessary trouble.

Qingming Festival worship class

Worship should be in order. In turn: father, mother, eldest boy, eldest daughter, second son, second daughter ... After the worship service is finished, the sacrifice was blessed by the ancestors, and everyone can eat it. At the same time, pay attention to fire safety, and leave after the incense candle is finished.


The general process of Qingming grave sweeping

According to custom, the order of sacrifice is to first sweep the grave, that is, to clean the cemetery. Second is sacrifice. This process is very important. One is to reflect on grief, and the other is to feel forefathers in order to pray for the aura of mountains and rivers, which is often referred to as "feng shui".

When sweeping the grave, people brought food, fruit, paper money and other items to the graveyard. Food was sacrificed in front of the graves of their loved ones, and then the paper money was incinerated to plant new soil for the grave and repair the grave. You must press some paper money on it, let others see it, know that there are descendants in this grave, and then worship with a hoe.

Is it better to clear the grave early in Qingming?


The date of the sacrifice sweep varies from place to place, some are ten days after the first ten days of the Qingming Festival; some are called "the first three after three"; some are held on the "single" day before and after the Qingming; . As long as it is during the Ching Ming Festival, it is convenient to see for yourself. Of course, there are some local customs everywhere, and we must respect them.

The starting time of the day of the grave sweep is not as early as possible. In the ancient calendar, it is best to be at 5-7 o'clock, that is, when it is too late. It is usually not necessary to do so early, according to your own situation, but it is best to complete the Qingming mountain worship activities before 3pm.


Can Qingming Festival worship ancestors at home?


The Qingming ritual sweeping ceremony should have been held in person at the cemetery, but due to various reasons, many people could not return to their hometown to participate in the Qingming worship activities, so they could worship at home. The method is to set the food for worship on the balcony or living room at home, burn three sticks of incense, bow three times, and put on grief. Then, burn paper money to worship.



Also known as Tanchun, Xunchun, and outings, they are walking on the grass and watching the spring. Qingming in April and spring back to the earth, a vibrant scene of nature is present everywhere, which is a great time for an outing.


This is the custom of Qingming Festival in ancient China. In ancient times, swings were mostly made of tree branches, and then tied with ribbons. Later, they gradually developed to use two ropes and pedals. Swinging can not only improve health, but also cultivate bravery. It is still loved by people, especially children.

fly a kite

In Qingming, people fly kites not only during the day but also at night. In the past, some people cut kites after placing them in the blue sky, and allowed them to be sent to the ends of the earth by the breeze. It is said that this can eliminate illness and disaster and bring good luck to themselves.

Plant a tree

Cold food passed, Qingming arrived, it was time to plant more trees. The spirit of the ancestors should be like evergreen trees on the mountain, and human life should be like the newly planted trees, growing and rising in this spring breeze. Therefore, Qingming is also our country's traditional Arbor Day.

Ching Ming Festival, with a miss,

Recall a trace of memory, release a kind of mood,

Pass a blessing and pray for peace in your life!

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