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Pedestrian bridge opens elevator

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Following the opening of three elevators on the Xinghu Road overpass on March 13, the four escalators of the pedestrian bridge on the Minsheng Road in Chaoyang were also officially opened a few days ago. The overpass connects Yuehui Plaza and the southwestern business capital. It is located in the commercial center and has a very large crowd. After the escalator is opened, it will greatly facilitate the passage of people.

At noon yesterday, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, carried a big bag of things and passed the Chaoyang Minsheng intersection. Originally, he thought that he had to walk up the stairs to get on the flyover to cross the street, but he was surprised to find that the escalator next to the flyover ladder had been activated. With the help of an escalator, Mr. Zhang quickly got on the overpass and crossed the road. He said, "A lot of people cross the road via the overpass at the Minsheng intersection at Chaoyang every day. Some people who have difficulty moving are very inconvenient to take the stairs. Nowadays, the escalator is put into use, and it is much faster for citizens to get on and off the overpass."

It is reported that the Chaoyang Minsheng Road pedestrian bridge escalator connecting Yuehui Plaza and the southwest business capital began on October 16, 2014 and was completed on February 11, 2015. However, only the bridge was opened before, and its supporting elevators have not been " "Post", pedestrians can only "climb" the stairs to cross the overpass. Some citizens have questioned that the flyover escalator is just a "furnishing". In this regard, relevant departments have stated that the escalators have not been opened late, mainly because the line of the escalator connection point passes through the nearby Yuehui Plaza. The construction unit and the mall have not made progress in communicating this matter.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Nanning Municipal Engineering Management Office that on March 17, the construction unit handed over the Chaoyang Minsheng Road pedestrian bridge escalator project to the Municipal Management Office. After debugging, the escalator was officially opened on the 25th. Two escalators are installed at each end of the flyover, which can be operated in two directions. According to the travel demand of pedestrian flow, the operating time of the escalator is from 9 to 21 o'clock every day. In order to ensure the safe operation of escalators, the Municipal Administration Department arranged employees to participate in training and obtained the corresponding certificates for special equipment management, and was responsible for elevator management. During the operation of the escalator, someone is on duty at the scene.

Chaoyang Minsheng Road Pedestrian Bridge Elevator is the second batch of pedestrian bridges in Nanning that opened elevators after Xinghu Road Pedestrian Bridge.

■ News Extension

Many pedestrian bridges and underground passages in the city will be "upgraded"

4 BRT stations add 8 elevators by the end of June

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"There will be more pedestrian bridges and underground passageways to install elevators in Nanning." The reporter also learned yesterday that the pedestrian bridges of the Nanning Rapid Transit BRT system have all been handed over to municipal management and maintenance. For inconvenience, the Municipal Engineering Management Office has started to install elevators on the footbridges of BRT key stations.

According to the relevant person in charge of the second company of China Construction No. 8 Bureau of the construction unit, Nanning Line BRT1 has been determined to install vertical elevators at 4 stations with high traffic and no zebra crossings. These 4 stations are Guangxi Exhibition Center Station, The Fourth People's Hospital Station, Changying Road Middle Station, Seventeen Middle Station. Vertical elevators will be installed at the two ends of the overpass. According to requirements, 4 BRT stations will complete the elevator installation and construction by the end of June this year, and a total of 8 elevators will be installed.

In addition, the related departments also plan to lift 6 elevators in Nanning City ’s many underground crossings, such as the crossing underpass in front of Minzu Square, to install 6 lifts along the Minzu Avenue to make it easier for citizens to cross the street. At present, the elevator in the underground passage in front of Minzu Square is already under construction.

Source: China Youth Network

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