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Stone industry, who is not difficult to ask?

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It is said that it is very difficult to make money in mining.

Can't drive a stone and say you are a fool;

No one bought it when you drove out, saying that you took the road too far;

Someone bought it and said you squeezed someone else's rice.

Jealous, I'll make it for you;

Those who are traveling, I just hope you are finished early;

Terrified, blackmail your sweat;

The people around you have to pay for you.

Department of industry and commerce, said your license is incomplete;

The security department said that your mining was not standardized; the land department said that you occupied the cultivated land

Environmental protection department, say you are too polluting;

Charity department, say you make money, donate;

Finance department, say you are the source of the economy.

Most of the people who make mines are from Fujian.

Thousands of miles away from home, who dares to mess with?

It's really hard to be wronged!

Besides, it's even harder to run a factory.

No order, workers are not working;

If there are orders, workers will not increase their wages.

The price is high, peers grab orders;

The price is low, and you have to lose money.

Let's get out of the credit.

Pick it up in cash, I'll leave him alone.

Don't pay attention to quality, say you have no diagonals;

Pay attention to quality, saying that you don't have time to watch.

"Chromatic aberration" makes you have difficulty speaking up;

"Blemish", telling you to lose your money.

Select carefully and say that your product is not natural.

Work overtime, the workers want you to process money;

Do not work overtime, the customer scolds you for late delivery.

Rectification inspection, said that the power will be cut off;

Environmental protection, then stricter.

In the past few years, when I went out of the factory, I called the boss, but in fact, it was a bitter stomach.

It is also difficult to sell.

Do n’t rent a facade, and say that you roasted eggs;

Let's rent a facade, it will cost hundreds of thousands for light decoration.

Go to the market center, the rent scares you all,

Be more remote, nobody visits.

Order less and say you do n’t have the strength

Buy more goods, the backlog of funds is difficult to sell out.

Take care of the workers, once the wages are paid,

Do it yourself, you are tired, but a thirty-year-old looks like 63.

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Do n’t buy a car and say you have no money

Buy a car and pay it in installments.

Meet a customer and force a lot of money in "Chinese" costumes;

Go to the store and save money by drawing a "Red Flag Canal".

It's also difficult to sell stone abroad,

How much money do I have to do?

Walk steadily,

Earn a little is a little!

Running a project is also quite difficult:

Send some money, Cary always has no money;

Don't send money, don't do it if you have the strength.

Dismissed the leader, signed a contract to advance,

Don't send the supervisor, cross your nose and eyes.

The project was handed over, and hundreds of thousands of arrears were made ...

Not to mention the difficulty of mining and sales, and the difficulty of engineering.

Born today, live in the present.

Some people say that I won't do stone work in my next life.

Don't say it, the next life is too far away from now!

Born in the present, living today,

Now that you have come to this world, God has made it difficult for you.

It doesn't matter whether you set up a factory or open a mine away from your hometown.

They are all stone people. You still have finished writing the book "Life"!

(Article source: Xinzhong Cylinder)


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