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Mom, where did I come from? Look at the wit answer of this hot mom

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Many parents couldn't resist the strange problems of the children across the board. See how this wise hot mom answered.


Mom, where did I come from?

"Mom, where did I come from?"

"You were born from your mother's belly."

"Then how did I get in your belly?"

"Then you first say how do you grow peanuts?"

"I put the peanuts in the pot soil, and the peanuts grew out."

"Yes, the father gave the mother a seed and planted it in the mother's belly, and then you grew. Peanut rice is equivalent to the seed given by the father. Is equivalent to you. "


Mom, what does it mean to be human first?

"Mom, why do you always say you want to learn to be a human?"

"Child, do you remember why the higher the easier you fall when you build the blocks?"

"do not know"

"Because the foundation is not strong, the higher you build it, the greater the pressure and the faster you fall. Being a person is equivalent to building blocks. If you don't do well, the farther you go, you will eventually fall like a building block."


Mom, what is a friend?

"Mom, beat me strong"


"He said I didn't give him anything this time"

"Then why did you give him something before?"

"I want to have children play"

You see, kid, when you always give something to others, others are used to getting it from you and feel that this is what you should give. And once you have nothing to give, others will not get used to it and will feel that you are very bad, so they hit you.


Mom, why should I keep learning?

"Child, do you know why we want to learn?"

"do not know"

"Because learning can help more people"

"Then why do we help others?"

"Because helping others is like helping yourself. For example, if you want to catch a thief to help the victim, do you have to learn a lot of self-defense skills, investigative skills, etc., then in the learning process, do you also make yourself more Excellent. When you work hard to make yourself better, maybe you can realize your dream of becoming a police officer. Isn't that helping yourself? "



Child, you can actually manage your money well!

"Child, you have bread, so dry, buy another bottle of milk."

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"Mom, we have it at home, let's go back and drink."

"You don't want to spend your own money!"


"Child, if you have a dollar, even if you have been reluctant to spend it, it will not increase. It is still at most one dollar. But if you make five dollars through your labor, even if you eat bread and buy milk, it costs three Yuan, is there two yuan left, which is one more than the one yuan you started, so the money is not only saved, it is more earned, but it is necessary to spend meaningful money, because There is room for gain. "


About helping people

"Mom, helping others on TV means helping yourself, right?"

"Yes, do you know why?"

"do not know"

"Mom tells you a story. There is a blind man who, although he can't see anything, keeps holding a lantern at night. He said that although he can't see, he can illuminate the way of others, so as not to hit him. You see, on the surface, it helps others to illuminate the road, but it actually makes you safer. "



About Brave

"Mom, I won't tell the story of a pony crossing the river"

"Really, then you answer a few questions from your mother. The pony started to dare to cross the river. What animals did they ask and finally passed by? What did his mother tell him?"

"The pony was afraid at first. He asked the little squirrel and Uncle Niu, and finally passed. His mother said that he would only know the depth if he tried it."

"Yeah, boy, you see how well you answer, string these answers together and tell it again is a good story, just like pony mother said, if you do n’t try it yourself, how do you know if you do n’t Yes, you must have confidence in yourself and dare to try. "



About Modesty

"Child, openness makes people progress, pride makes people lag behind, do you know why?"

"do not know"

"You see, some people are like stones, hard, and others ca n’t absorb any excellent nutrient solution. At most, they have a wet appearance. But some people are like sponges, so long as they encounter the nutrient solution, they are full. Then everything will be fine, can you not improve? "



About opinions

"Child, do you listen to what the teacher said?"


"Then if the teacher said at the red light, hurry across the road, do you cross?"

"I can't"


"Because the red light should stop"

"Yeah, so to be a person has your own opinion, no one is right to speak, including teachers, including mothers, you have to develop the habit of thinking and learn to judge for yourself."

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