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[Recommended by Hanmo Garden] Control your temper and read "Parental Regulations"

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Study for 3 months and say goodbye to scribble

Diwang Campus: Room 508, Diwang International Building, Shenhe District

Hunnan Campus: The second floor of the Vanke Golden Mile Blue Bay Micro-Life Supermarket, Longe Street, Hunnan District

Quanyuan Campus: Opposite to Minyue Plaza, Quanyuan 2nd Road, Shenhe District

Phone: 13889899322

In order to control your temper and give your child the best space to grow up, you may wish to read aloud "From now on, I want" every day!

From now on

I want to encourage and praise the child,

Rather than criticize, blame, and blame the child.

Because I know that only encouragement and praise can give children confidence and strength.

Criticism, accusations, complaints are just venting,

My emotion hurts the child's heart;

From now on

I want to influence my child with action,

Rather than using words to teach children.

Because I know children ’s behavior is not taught,

But influenced and imitated;

From now on

I want to hear more from the children

Rather than rush to judge the child.

Because I know that listening is the best communication.

From now on

I want to love my child unconditionally,

Not to love what I ask;

Because I know it is my selfishness and self;

From now on

I want to learn to squat down and communicate with my children equally,

Rather than commanding the child condescendingly.

Because I know that forced suppression will only bring stronger rebellion and resistance to children;

From now on

I want to spend time with my children

Not absent-minded children.

Because I know that only true companionship can make children feel the warmth of love;

From now on

I want to control my emotions,

Handle every moment quietly and peacefully with your children.

Because I know that temper and violence only represent my incompetence and harm to my children;

From now on

I want to be proactive in handling my relationship with my lover,

Create a harmonious family environment,

Never let couple conflicts affect and hurt children,

Because I know that only the harmony of husband and wife is the greatest love for children;

From now on

I want the child to grow into what he wants to be,

Not what I expected.

Celestial Master

Because I know the child does not belong to me,

He just came to this world through me,

To accomplish his own dreams and missions.

From now on

I want to plant good causes and do good deeds for my children.

Because I know good causes,

There must be Yu Qing in Jishan Home,

There must be more seedlings in the evil house;

From now on

I want to pass the child's question,

Find out my own problem, fix myself,

Because i know all the problems with children

It's all my problem, I'm the root of everything;

From now on

I want to be the best friend in my child's life,

The closest partner, the most loving dad (mom)!

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Introduction of Hanmoyuan Painting and Calligraphy Academy

All calligraphy teachers at the Hanmoyuan Painting and Calligraphy Institute are uniformly trained by the Painting and Calligraphy Examination Center of the Ministry of Education and have rich teaching experience. The teaching content is arranged according to the student's progress.The students have achieved excellent results. In recent years, they have taken nearly 600 person-times in the Calligraphy Level Examination of the Ministry of Education, and their passing rate has reached 95% .

Don't compare to teachers, our students are already members of Shenyang Young Calligraphers Association. We promise to let your child say goodbye to scribbled writing for 3 months.     

Appreciation of the hard work of the 2nd grade students

Appreciation of hard work by 10-year-old students

Appreciation of 11-year-old students' soft pen works

12-year-old student soft pen calligraphy display

12-year-old child soft pen calligraphy display

Participants write Spring Festival couplets on the spot

Student award certificate

Trainees obtained the certificate of calligraphy and painting examination from the Ministry of Education

Some students presented awards on site

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