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The mountains and rivers remain the same

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream


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《山河故人》 Name: The Old Man of Mountains and Rivers

7.8 Douban: 7.8 points

2015 Year: 2015

剧情 / 家庭 Genre: Drama / Family

126 分钟 Duration: 126 minutes

贾樟柯 Director: Jia Zhangke

贾樟柯 Screenwriter: Jia Zhangke

赵涛 / 张译 / 梁景东 / 董子健 / 张艾嘉 Starring: Zhao Tao / Zhang Yi / Liang Jingdong / Dong Zijian / Zhang Aijia

/ 地区: 中国大陆 / 法国 / 日本 Production country / region: Mainland China / France / Japan

英语 / 山西话 / 汉语普通话 / 上海话 Language: English / Shanxi / Mandarin / Shanghai


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Years are calm like flowing water, and years are like flames. This strikes directly into the culture and emotions of the heart, calling for people to find a confused return.


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Qingming season,

In addition to worship, ancestor worship, and grave sweeping,

There are also spring, travel, and planting trees.

People remember the memory of the past,

Do not forget to give hope to the future,

This is the most comfortable state in Chinese culture.


From such a title, "The mountains and rivers are still the same, the old people are no longer",

Somewhat sad,

But after watching Jia Zhangke's "Old People in Mountains and Rivers",

The most direct feeling came out.

(In 1999, Tao took the stage to perform "Umbrella Head Yangko")

The director ’s film,

After reading it, someone said:

"He flew on the ground in China with sputum, dust, opportunities and small advertisements. "

Some people persuaded:

当你跳出电影,天地其实更大。"Don't make a movie anymore. It's partial and not so good . When you jump out of the movie, the world is actually bigger. "

After watching one video at a time,

Swim around each review site,

Then look back at your thoughts,

Feeling the "One Thousand Hamlet" really exists,

Everyone has their own perspective,

What I'm talking about here is just an angle-the angle of time.

"The Old Man from the River" is divided into three paragraphs,

年、 2025年 , The stories took place in 1999, 2014 , and 2025 .

These three time points are related to the past, present and future.


For the three eras,

Jia Zhangke used three different frame ratios for his performance.

再到2.35:1From 1.33: 1 to 1.85: 1 to 2.35: 1 ,

The evolution of digital technology media echoes the changes of the times.

This method is not the first of Jia Zhangke,

American director Wes Anderson used this technique in Budapest Hotel.


Stories of three times,

Give me three completely different feelings.


Year 1999,

Tao is still a young and lively girl,

Jinsheng Gold Rush returns at the forefront of the times,

Liang Zi's gentle and kind destiny is not malicious.

(Tao, Jin Sheng, Liang Zi in Jin Sheng's new car)

Booming old times,

The youth of all things,

Instantly, the ice on the river was broken by a time bomb.


(Tao and Jinsheng get married)

Year 2014,

Tao and Jinsheng parted ways,

Liang Zi was sick and hopeless,

7岁归乡给外公送行。 Dollar returns home to his grandfather at the age of seven.

(7-year-old Dollar returns to his grandfather to see him off)  

Dusty present life,

The familiar scene of sadness and joy,

It's still the mountain and river in Fenyang, Shanxi, so the old man is gone forever.

(Liang Zi returned home with his wife and children seriously ill)

In 2025,

Jinsheng became an uncle in the pipe,

黑发黄肤不会讲母语, Dollar black and yellow skin does not speak mother tongue,

Tao Bao wheat ear dumplings do not see the child.

(Let ’s kiss my mother ’s love)


The age of smart technology

Close cultural barriers,

Accustomed to accepting destiny, but just remembering the deceased.

(Distance between father and son)  

From 1999 to 2025 ,

Not for that long,

But earth-shaking changes have taken place.

"The Old Man in Mountains and Rivers" moved me the most,

Are the ones that remain among countless changes,

"Will not be easily changed by time",

Magic net shining

That "land that has not collapsed in my heart."

(Mother's wheat ear dumplings)

Jinsheng used google translator to talk with Daole,

Drifting across the ocean without changing the Shanxi accent.

系着洋气的上海丝巾, Dollar wears a Shanghai scarf of foreign style,

My mother's ear of wheat dumplings rejoiced.

Off the knife, the boy walked backwards with his big sword,

Ten years later, it remains the same.

"Treasure" and "Go west",

Music moved through time without moving.

These settle down in time,

It is the culture and emotions that are rooted in the human heart.

(Dollar and Tao meet again)

"Everyone can only walk with you,

Sooner or later will be separated. "

Tao hit the plane and crashed.

All of a sudden

Exactly the true portrayal of life and fate.

Years seem to be as calm as water,

The other side of it is

"Flammable and explosive."

(The original "threesome")

Tao and Jinsheng divorced,

Separated from his son,

Farewell to father.

All this experience,

That made her finally dance calmly in the snow.


(Tao dances in the snow)

Finally, if you want to pick one of the most core narrative props in "The Old Man From The River",

That must be the key:


Year 1999,

Liang Zi was so angry that he left home,

Throw the key to the roof,

Vow not to return to Fenyang.


Year 2014,

Tao returned the key to Liang Zi,

When he was separated from his son,

Leave him the keys to his home.


In 2025,

Dollar took the key with him as a token.

(Tao gives Dollar a key to go home)

The transfer of keys between generations,

Constitutes a kind of blood flow,

Especially for Dollar,

The key is the only connection between the diaspora and his mother.


of course,

The key can also be interpreted as Jia Zhangke's "answer" to "China".

Although at the end of the video,

The son did not return to Fenyang with the key,

But when he saw the waves, heard the waves, and thought of his mother,

He will form an emotional resonance with the national mother,

Isn't this the warmest answer?


(The mountains and rivers are still there, the old people are no longer)

The poet Liang Xiaobin published "China, My Key Is Lost" in 1980.

He used the "key" to complete the search and interview of the past thirty years of history.

I think this also applies to Jia Zhangke:


all of these,

Nothing beautiful can be done,

China, I lost my keys.


It started to rain again,

My key

Where are you lying


I think the wind and rain have corrupted you,

You are rusty.


No i don't think so

I will look tenaciously,

Hope to find you again.


The mountains and rivers are still the same, the old people are no longer.

The old man goes away, the friendship remains.

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