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You look so cheap

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When I was going out in the morning, I stood in front of the closet door and thought. My mother walked over and looked at her watch and said, "What are you doing? You're going to be late again!"

Mom rolled her eyes and said, "You bought so many clothes this year, and you buy them every week. No clothes yet, huh!" Then she shook her head and went to her wardrobe. Then, standing in front of her closet, she said to herself, "What shall I wear?"

It ’s my turn to roll my eyes next time, because my mother bought no less clothes than I did this year, but she still feels like me, and feels that she has no clothes to wear every day.


This is a woman, no matter how much clothes she buys, she feels that one less is most suitable. Do you know why?


I have seen an article about French women's wardrobes. French women are famous for their exquisiteness, elegance and dress, but French women's wardrobes are not full of clothes.

They always have several coats of different colors, with conservative styles and no fancy decoration, but they can match any clothes. They always have an exquisite little black dress that can hold their hands on any occasion. They are always able to have a dress that can immediately show the grade when facing any activity.

But what about us? Clothes in a closet are empty, but the chain is always dropped at critical moments.

A friend of mine smiled and had this embarrassment. When I first went to work, I especially liked to buy clothes, but I could n’t bear to buy expensive ones. I liked to buy them on a treasure or in a small shop.

But suddenly one day, the company notified us that there would be a reception the next day, and also emphasized the formality to wear, because it represented the company's image.

That night she opened the closet and found that she really didn't have any clothes that could be used for formal occasions, and that feeling was really bad.

The next day, she reluctantly wore a skirt that she felt pretty good and went to the reception, but that day, she didn't eat anything and just wanted to hide in the corner, because she looked too low.

Many times, your dress and dress represent your taste, and others are really not obliged to see your inner beauty from your sloppy appearance.


Since that day, she is determined to change, so she throws away those clothes that seem cheap, controls the frequency of clothes purchase, and buys really suitable clothes. Slowly, there were fewer and fewer clothes in her closet, but we found that she was getting more and more tasteful and wearing more and more beautiful and decent.

Beauty is always a woman's nature, and shopping is also a woman's favorite thing to do. But what we need is not quantity but quality. Woman, you should make yourself more expensive, and you should also dress better.

We are not extravagance or comparison, but to make ourselves better, and then see a better world and meet you better.

Maybe you have to say, I do n’t have the money to buy such expensive clothes, but dear, who said that clothes of the highest quality must be expensive? Xiaoxiao is also the same working class as us. Not much of her clothes are big names bought in the store, but she can be more and more beautiful, but she is a little careful.

Xiaoxiao secretly told me that, by chance, she found this big-name tail-sale shop, where she could buy a variety of beautiful clothes. The tail-sale was cheap, affordable, and high-grade. I went to see it and was instantly circled. Powder, also ready to give it a try. So, I really want to recommend it to you!

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Dear, do n’t wear bargains anymore, let ’s wear them together!


What is cheap?

What is waste?

The next best thing is waste

Spoof song


Why buy something more expensive?

Because things are just like people, cheap ones are always quickly abandoned.


No woman will lose her house because she buys it, but many women lose money because of frugality.

Buy something expensive and beautiful and reward yourself for your hard work.


Every time you spend money, you are voting for the life you want. If you are willing to pay for those beautiful and romantic, you are worth those beautiful and romantic.

Sometimes, what we buy is not a bag, a lipstick, but a longing for a life, and we are rewarding ourselves for earning a serious life.

The reason we spend money on something expensive is because we long for everything better. Always reluctant to entertain yourself, it will squeeze the rich life into a dry desert.


When you have the ability to make the days go better,

Be generous with yourself

When you are not perfunctory yourself, others naturally dare not perfunctory you

Don't give up what you really like because it's expensive

After all, the skirt I liked at the age of 20 didn't make any sense when I was 40.

In the same way, the one who loves you will give you not a bunch of flowers, a set of hair combs, but a true love.

Cherish the one who does not hesitate to make you happy-not because he is willing, but because in his heart you are worth it.

What I think about loving myself is: living the life I want to do, doing the things I like, and letting myself be surrounded by people I like, things I like, things I like


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