黑怎么玩hg622.com Is Qianlong Tongbao really worth money now? How can I buy Qianlong Tongbao?

Is Qianlong Tongbao really worth money now? How can I buy Qianlong Tongbao?

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Qianlong Tongbao backs the "National Peace" Palace 805,000

Qing Dynasty Baosu Bureau "Qianlong Tongbao" small 358,400

Qing Xiaoping's "Qianlong Tongbao" back "89.55 million2013-11-23

Xiaoping in the Qing dynasty "Qianlong Tongbao" 515,0002013-11-23

Qing Dynasty "Qianlong Tongbao" back "Baoyuan 800 thousand"

Qianlong Tongbao · Dragon and Phoenix 980,000

Qianlong Tongbao backs "Peaceful and Rich" flowers 746,000 2011-05-15

Qing Dynasty "Qianlong Tongbao", "Jiaqing 94.37 million 2013-05-17

"Qianlong Tongbao" in the Qing Dynasty "94.37 million nationwide"

"Qianlong Tongbao" in the Qing Dynasty "93.68 million nationwide"

A large-scale trial casting of "Qianlong Tongbao" in the Qing Dynasty

"Quanlong Tongbao" Palace Museum of Baoquan Bureau 928,800

Qianlong Tongbao was because the Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty was emperor in 1735 and embodies his strategy of "governance of martial arts and martial arts" during the 60 years of his reign. It is clear that there is a glorious world in feudal society after all. "Tongbao" copper coins can drive disasters and ward off evil, and they are also popular with collectors of later generations because of the Qianlong homophone "Qianlong". The coin was coined during the Qianlong reign of the Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty (1736-1795), and the Manchu script on the reverse side was more complicated. There were specific quotes and coin extensions on it. The Qianlong Tongbao money path is about 2.2-2.5 cm and weighs about 2.4-4.8 grams. Qian Qian Tongbao is written in regular script, and its characters are read from top to bottom and right to left.

As the coin collection market continues to heat up, ancient coins have gradually entered the eyes of collectors, and ancient coins have been traded for many times at various coin fairs around the world. A total of 614 ancient coins were traded in Shanghai this year, with an average transaction price of more than 5.43 million yuan, with a transaction rate of 63%. Among them, the "Xianfeng Ingot" Baoquan, a 500-carved mother, was sold at a price of 6.69 million yuan, becoming the king of this special event. In this regard, experts said that ancient coins have a large collection of investment space, the fastest appreciation of which among the treasures of ancient coins, very sought after in the market, a large increase.

Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Emperor Qianlong reigned in 1735, and during the 60 years of his reign, he performed his "rule of civilization and martial arts" strategy to create the last glorious age in feudal society. Afterwards, folks rumored that wearing Qianlong Tongbao copper coins could drive disasters and dispel evil. It is also loved by the collectors of later generations because of Qianlong, a homonym for Qianlong.

Does "Qianlong Tongbao" have collection value? Not all of them. "Qianlong Tongbao" was issued for a long time at that time, and its casting volume was very large. In addition, it has been circulated for a short time, so most of them have low value. However, Qianlong's carved mother and mother money are very few because of their circulation. Now they are the object of collectors' favor and have a high collection value.

Carved mother: It is a mold hand-carved by fine artisans in fine copper according to the form prescribed by the imperial court, also known as the "ancestor money". After being carved and approved by the imperial court, the next step is to cast the mother money.

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The carving mother's text is thin and tall, the word mouth is deep, the strokes are strong and powerful, the whole body has been carefully trimmed, there are no casting marks and the copper color is golden. From the detail, there are still traces of hand-carving. The special value of the carving mother is that it is extremely rare. Mother money: The money cast by the carving mother is called mother money. After being polished by a craftsman, a large number of mother money can be recast ordinary circulation money. ?

The mother money is equivalent to the current banknote version of mother money. After careful processing, it is very beautiful as a mother money for casting ordinary money, but most of them can see the traces of small trachoma left by sand casting. The special value of mother money lies in the fact that as a recast sub-money (sub-money is ordinary circulating money), the circulation amount is no less than the sub-money. The carving mother, mother money and ordinary circulating money are obviously different: the carving mother should check whether there are carving marks. The mother money should check whether there are traces of trimming. And the ordinary circulating money is so beautiful that it will not be carefully trimmed after casting out.

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