hg.ijaipei.com This Taoyuan mystery that can only be accessed by a floating boat is called the Chinese version of "Xianbenna"

This Taoyuan mystery that can only be accessed by a floating boat is called the Chinese version of "Xianbenna"

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Ghost King Poison Concubine

Mention the paradise on earth "Semporna"

You will definitely think of the water mystery far away in a foreign country

Crystal clear water

Clear blue sky

And those boats that seem to be floating in the water

The Real Wonderland

(Semporna, Malaysia)

But you know, it ’s in Hubei, China.

There is also a mysterious place that can be accessed by a floating boat

Here is also pure and ethereal, water is as clear as jade

I can't forget it at a glance

It is the Pingshan Canyon in Enshi, Hubei

Also known as "Hubei Edition Semporna"

In the empty canyon, the wooden boat floated on the crystal clear water, and at first glance it thought it was floating in the air.

Among the people, if you are in a fairyland, you don't need to say much here, you will feel the purity and etherealness of the water.

The canyon here is deep and must be led by locals. Perhaps because of its remoteness, this hidden paradise of water paradise still retains the most primitive appearance.

Address: Hidden Gorge, Hefeng County, Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province

Enshi in the beautiful Hubei

In addition to the world, "Semporna"

There are also comparable to the Grand Canyon in the United States

Enshi Grand Canyon

Enshi Grand Canyon, located at the junction of Hunan, Chongqing, and Hubei provinces, is the most beautiful section of the Qingjiang River Basin. It is not only well-known in China, but also one of the most beautiful canyons in the world.

The majestic canyons, the magnificent peaks, and the sea of clouds that often surround it make everything here look as beautiful and magical as the movie pictures.

"Yixiangxiang" is the most amazing scene in Enshi Grand Canyon, 150 meters high, 6 meters in diameter at the bottom of the column, and only 4 meters in diameter at the bottom. ".

What is even more amazing is that at the foot of the magnificent Grand Canyon, there are even beautiful villages like a paradise.

Rapeseed flowers blooming everywhere, fresh and pleasant tea gardens, coupled with the surrounding towering canyons, it is a beautiful picture of "Heaven on Earth".

Xia Ru Swiss Country

Winter like alps

Qi Yueshan

Qiyue Mountain, located in the west of Enshi Lichuan City, is the largest mountain pasture in southern China, with exotic scenery everywhere.

In summer, it is a natural summer resort, with green grass and cows and sheep flocking in the middle of the Swiss countryside.

And in winter, here is another scene, snow-capped, with Yushu Qionghua everywhere, a white, rolling hills, everywhere in the northern scenery.

Fantasy Flying Fairy Answers

New World Heritage

Enshi Toast City

The Tusi City, located in the northwest of Enshi City, is currently the most complete Tujia King City in China, and has the reputation of "the first city of Tujia in China".

The magnificent Tujia towers and exquisitely carved pavilion roofs make the atmosphere of Tujia people exude a strong atmosphere.

The continuous walls of the Tujia can't help but feel the vicissitudes of the Tujia destiny.

Of course, there are also the Tujia people who are warm and hospitable, the beautiful singing, and the beautiful dancing, which not only makes people forget the worries of weekdays, but also the way home.

There are little-known fantasy forests here


Pingbaying, located in Xianfeng County, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, is a green forest with extremely high negative ion content, known as the "Great Xing'an Mountains in Hubei".

Abundant forest resources and beautiful green mountains and green waters make this place not only an excellent healing sanctuary, but also a natural summer paradise.

When it is hot in summer, it is 23 ° C during the day and 18 ° C at night. It is not stuffy, wet, or wet, and there is no mosquito infestation.

Of course, there are also very Tujia characteristics


Pengjiazhai is located on the northern foot of Wuling Mountain. Although there are only 45 households in the village, it is a beautiful place with beautiful scenery and outstanding people.

Here the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the terrain is peculiar, and the exquisite and simple hanging feet are built on the mountain.

If you like rural scenery

Then don't miss it

Xiaoxi Ancient Village

This is a small village hidden at the border of Enshi, named after a small stream running through the village.

The scenery here is picturesque all year round, especially in spring. The beautiful rapeseed flowers and the green tea gardens contrast with each other, just like God's overturned color palette.

Address: Erguanzhai Village, Shengjiaba Township, Southwest of Enshi City, Hubei Province

This is the low-key Enshi

Obscurity but hides the beauty of each place

Here is the crystal-clear "Semporna"

There are also magnificent Grand Canyon

And little-known forests and mountain villages

With so much beauty, don't you want to come and see

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