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[Handling] If there is an AGV, flexible and intelligent will also connect ...

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With the transformation of industrial demand from informationization, automation, and intelligence, how to further improve the production line's production efficiency and automation level, and reduce the intensity of manual work, has become an urgent problem for the manufacturing industry.

Line-tracking AGV technology starts early, has high maturity, and is widely used. However, the shortcomings of AGV line setting, slow running speed, long waiting time, etc. still bring inconvenience to production.

in case,

AGV can move forward and backward flexibly, 360-degree operation

——The walking distance will be significantly shortened

in case,

AGV coordinated operation, the walking routes do not interfere with each other

——Work efficiency will be effectively improved

in case,

AGV can be deployed quickly with changes in production lines

-Production progress will be protected

in case,

AGV can reduce operation and maintenance costs

——The payback period will be greatly shortened

If ...

No if!

New member of Haikang Robot—— Double Roller AGV ,

Realize all "if" handling robots!


Automatic connection production line

自动与产线同向同速转动,双层设计可实现同步进出货要求 • The rollers mounted on the AGV can automatically rotate in the same direction and speed as the production line , and the double-layer design can realize the synchronous import and export requirements.

Flexible motion control

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采用双轮差速驱动,支持前进、后退、原地旋转等运动控制,运动过程平滑柔顺,行走路线灵活多变 Adopt two-wheel differential drive, support forward, backward, in-situ rotation and other motion control, the movement process is smooth and supple, and the walking route is flexible

Autonomous positioning and navigation

利用视觉导航 ,通过识别二维码进行定位及方向调整,再结合惯性导航,确保在无码区也可正常行进,精准到达目的地 Using visual navigation , positioning and direction adjustment by identifying the QR code, combined with inertial navigation, to ensure normal travel in the uncoded area and reach the destination accurately

Intelligent scheduling

机器人调度系统RCS采用多种调度算法,实现任务最优分配、多机器人路径规划以及机器人交通管理,保证多机器人集群协调作业 ,互相合作又互不影响 • The robot scheduling system RCS uses a variety of scheduling algorithms to achieve optimal task assignment, multi-robot path planning, and robot traffic management, ensuring coordinated operation of multi-robot clusters , cooperation without affecting each other

Multiple security protection

支持前/后距离检测、前碰撞检测、前/后急停按钮等多级安全防护,实现安全可靠的运动控制 Support multi-level safety protection such as front / rear distance detection, front collision detection, front / rear emergency stop button, etc., to achieve safe and reliable motion control

Fast and flexible deployment

  产线调整后,仅需通过调度系统更改产线“地图”,并在地面对应位置粘贴二维码,AGV即可立即投入工作 • After the production line is adjusted, simply change the “map” of the production line through the dispatching system, and paste the QR code on the corresponding location on the ground, and the AGV can immediately start working.

Intelligent power management

  支持多等级电量阀值控制,低电量时AGV自主充电,完成充电后自主返回工作 Support multi-level power threshold control, AGV autonomous charging when low power, return to work automatically after charging is completed


Application scenario

It is suitable for manufacturing and logistics industries, and provides efficient circulation of materials inside and outside warehouses and between production lines.

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