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Why are you always fooled?

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Well, today is April 1st, everyone should be careful. The article pushed today is not to teach you how to tidy people, but to talk to you about science.

Psychological Analysis of Everyone's Psychology on April Fools' Day

Real data about lies

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Xiao Bian take you back, what do we love to do on April Fool's Day


It's not embarrassing to refuse anyway

Toothpaste is good

The most classic fool's means

Single dog

The foolishness of a single dog

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Think of every way

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On April Fool's Day, we will try all kinds of methods to lie to others, and there are no shortage of opportunities to express our feelings. Then why do we know that it is April Fool's Day and we still get cheated? The editor summarizes several psychological reasons to analyze why we are fooled

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Personality factor

Weak personality, strong dependence, lack of opinion, and blind worshippers are easily deceived

Experience factor

A person's lack of social experience, simple thinking, and shallow knowledge are easily implied

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Bilateral relationship

The closer the deceiver and the deceived are, the higher the trust between them, the easier it will be to deceive.

Gender and age factors

Women are more easily deceived than men, and older people and children are more likely to be deceived

Hint is "psychological suggestion"

It refers to a process of psychological activity that affects the cognition, emotions, wills, and behaviors of others (or yourself) in an implicit way through words or actions.It is a person or environment sending information to individuals in a very natural way. A psychological phenomenon in which an individual unintentionally accepts this information and responds accordingly. Some fool's tricks on April Fools' Day make use of hints, because they are mostly good-faith games, which will not have any adverse consequences, and the hintees generally have little alertness, which is easier for people to accept. Implied, and then deceived.

Herd mentality, under the influence and pressure of the group, individuals give up their opinions and take actions that are consistent with most people's ideas

For example, on April Fool's Day, some anecdotes are often spread, many of which are obviously contrary to common sense, and some people did not believe it at the beginning, but today when the media is developed, once the spread of many media, it will be false and become true, making some people convinced. Herd mentality is a manifestation of weakened self-awareness, poor independence, and lack of individual tendency. People with easygoing personality, lack of opinion, weak ability of independent analysis, and lack of scientific consciousness have a strong herd mentality

Thinking set, our thoughts and behaviors are generally used to "run" according to a certain pattern over the years. Because of the inherent "inertia" formed, many people cannot get out of the set.

On April Fool's Day, some people used the weakness of people's thinking to design certain institutions in accordance with the inherent "inertia" of people's thinking, so that people unknowingly strayed into the trap. Steady thinking is the "fetter" of people's thinking, and it will make people stand still. Once they get out of the mindset, that is, often changing positions, angles, and ideas, they will often have holes and even create new miracles.

How many common psychology do you account for on April Fool's Day?

Any kind of human behavior is to follow the call of the subconscious. Do n’t think that some people ’s thoughts are just a whim, others all reflect your true mental state from the side! Therefore, in April Fool ’s Day, in addition to seeing whether you are easily deceived You can also see what kind of character you are. According to the psychological analysis of Xiaobian, I believe that no one can trick you on April Fool's Day

Xiaobian is going to talk about business

Psychological analysis is over, but it ’s April Fool ’s Day, what is it that you do n’t lie to, and who has n’t been fooled into your laces? Based on the idea of fun in the sky, Xiaobian collects the experience of being stupid for all kind and deceived and miserable students.

Write your stupid experience in the comment section

Say it and let's have fun together

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