hg0088k.com [Let ’s recite] Husband and wife follow me, author Chang, fox plays Beijing rabbit / fox

[Let ’s recite] Husband and wife follow me, author Chang, fox plays Beijing rabbit / fox

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Issue 184

—Message from the editor

Cheerful rabbits and savvy foxes bring joy and imagination to our lives with their sweet and clear voices. They walked in the wide world of sound, expressed the beautiful sound field with the love of husband and wife, and joyfully moved the heartstrings of millions of people.

Let's meet cute rabbits and foxes here. Sister Rabbit is named after a rabbit. She graduated from Beijing Broadcasting Institute and is now a director of CCTV documentary. Fox brother-in-law is nicknamed for being clever and cunning. Brother-in-law is an authentic Beijinger. He loves writing and is good at writing sarcastic essays. He is often published in the Beijing Youth Daily. The loving couples know each other, and the wonderful sound of the husband and wife group every Saturday is shared here.

Let us listen to this wonderful voice together in a happy moment.

Follow me

Author: Fox

Acting: Beijing Rabbit / Fox

Relatives and friends know that I have a nickname, "Noisy." Because playing with cats is more noisy than cats, playing with dogs is more noisy than dogs, and playing with children is more noisy. In addition to making troubles by myself, I also like to see others making trouble.

I used to have a golden bear, and if you say that little thing is docile, it usually doesn't provoke people. It's okay to make trouble, either by pulling at the table and seeing how it cuts along the table, or with open palms and holding people around, feeling it shrinking to escape the fun. More times, Jin Xiong did not wait for you to pull, and jumped on his own; when he was n’t doing it anymore, turning back was a bite! Fortunately, he did not hurt in time.

I have also raised a panda rabbit, a pair of smoky eyes and a cute thief. After a few months, the bunny became a big rabbit, and the small eyes became big eyes. It also changed from free range care to the circle in the bathroom.

But one day it disappeared and I couldn't find it everywhere, but later I found out that the girl had gone to bed!

It suddenly looked at me with big watery eyes, meaning: blind, you come in and out several times, I have been here all the time. Grandma dare to go to bed? That's where you go! I grabbed my ears and threw it back!

This beam is over. That day, the trouble was brushing your teeth and washing your face, the rabbit jumped, and the yellow urine warmed up on the trouble legs! Noisy, I can't stand its smell. Send away!


From that time on, nothing would walk on the ground flying in the sky. Yes, those who swim in the water, by the way humidify.

Can't you bully fish now? wrong!

The fish have a memory, and they swam over when they were feeding. At first I raised colorful, and I had big palms. I fed the fish head with my fingers. Man-made money, dead birds, food and death, so do fish.

In addition to colorful, more than 200,000 yuan of golden dragons for friends, I also toss it! That golden dragon is smart, understands people's instructions, and can catch live insects in the direction of his fingers.

One or two went to be familiar with the trouble, let her touch on the water! Jinlong is more than a foot long. If he loses his temper, he can break the fish tank. Obediently, I quickly stop the noise, hundreds of thousands.

Then tinker with cheap. The other tank raised an eyebrow. It was less than an inch when it came, and it was almost tied. While they were eating, they were not cold enough to slap on it, and frowning in the palm of their hands, hot and fun. I came back after I broke free.

Later, Nao Nao became interested in Douyu. This fish meets each other and can only be raised alone. What's so interesting? It looks good when fighting. The two bettas are mixed with other fish in a two-meter-long tank, so large to see if they are together.

Not only did it come together, it was really embarrassing, embarrassing!

Noisy moths again: get three more!

Betta fish is bright in color, and the tail fin can open a 180-degree fan surface, like a peacock, which looks good. The reason for the fight is one for the territory and the other for the female. These five fishes turned into a pot of porridge, and then finished with this one and then with that one. In a few days, they were alive, but the tail fins were torn and turned into broomsticks.

Later, they stopped fighting. I figured it out, you're fighting, you're alive, you don't even see the hair of a female fish. At present, the tail fins of the five bettas are gradually recovering. Although it is not friendly to meet each other, they will never fight again, especially when they are feeding children.

It seems that no matter what kind of living thing is sea, land or air, if you want to survive here, you have to change your habit, otherwise, you won't be happy!





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