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Sanofi and JHL BIOTECH Biologics Alliance Launch

Public number: All-around bilingual host Zhang Simeng Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:42:31

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Sanofi, the world's leading medical and health company, and Xikang Bio, a company dedicated to the development and production of biologics, officially launched a strategic alliance partnership at the Xikang Wuhan plant on February 15th, and jointly celebrated the first biological drug cooperation Submit clinical trial application in China.

Mr. Bao Junhua, Chief Engineer, Construction and Management Office of Wuhan National Bio-Industrial Base, Mr. Jean-Christophe Pointeau, President of Sanofi China, Mr. Huang Ruixi, Chairman of Xikang Bio, Racho Jordanov, Co-founder and CEO of Xikang Biological Mr. and Mrs. Rose Lin, co-founder and general manager of Xikang Bio, attended the ceremony, witnessing the formal conclusion of this strategic partnership, and jointly celebrating the submission of clinical trial applications for the first biopharmaceutical in China.

”赛诺菲中国区总裁彭振科表示,“赛诺菲致力于将高质量的创新药物带到中国,以提升可及性,满足中国患者不断提升的健康需求。” "Innovation is the foundation of Sanofi's position as a global leader in medicine and health. Turning innovation into high-quality and affordable biopharmaceuticals to benefit more Chinese patients is the cornerstone of our collaboration with Xikang Bio. "Sanofi China President Peng Zhenke said," Sanofi is committed to bringing high-quality innovative drugs to China to improve accessibility and meet the rising health needs of Chinese patients. "

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"Xikang has world-class biological product R & D and production capabilities. The cooperation with Sanofi will combine Sanofi's advantages in the commercialization of pharmaceutical products, complement resources and work together for win-win." Xikang Co-founder Qiao Shirui, President and CEO said, "This cooperation will accelerate Xikang's progress in the field of drug development and commercialization and bring high-quality biotherapy to patients."

In the future, the two sides will also build a cooperation platform for the development, registration and commercialization of biopharmaceuticals, carry out closer cooperation in clinical research and post-marketing promotion of products such as JHL1101, and fully promote project implementation.

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