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Why do some Xueba like to sit in the last row?

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Devil girl

Don't know when

last row,

It became the most sought-after position in the university classroom.

Every class time,

The classmates started the "seat battle",

Students who ca n’t grab back seats,

It was helpless to sit a little forward.

As a result, the first two rows were almost empty.

There are a few people in the third and fourth rows,

And the back row is full!

If it is because of this ↓↓

All I can say is that there is no way people have long legs.

However, many students actually do this because of this ↓↓

I want to sleep ~ zzZZ ~ or play with mobile phone ~

Some netizens have done a survey like this:

Data Display,

42.2% of students like to sit in the back row,

Almost half of the students!

So why do so many people like to sit in the back of the classroom? There are several reasons for this.

1. I just want to be a quiet "beautiful man" in class

I believe that many teachers have this habit. When they want to find someone to answer a question in class, they just glance at it and point to the one closest to them, "OK, it's yours." And the closest one is often the first few rows. Born in.

2, ready to drive in advance

Many teachers like to call their names in class, and some students are ready to roll off after finishing the roll call. The last row is the most convenient and advantageous "open slip" position.

3. This course is very watery, and the knowledge taught is not used at all

Some classmates think this course is very watery. Learning this kind of watery course is a waste of brain capacity and a good time, so it is better to sit down and drain yourself off.

4. Is there anything better than going to the back for the little thing about sleeping in class?

In the back row, the corner where the so-called teacher can't see is usually the best place for "sleeping gods" to live. The countless "brothers" in the front row set a natural barrier for me, and the teacher's eyes can never reach here. After waking up, playing with a mobile phone and making up homework is quite comfortable.

But there is also an interesting finding in the survey results: many "learning tyrant" -level characters always like to lurk in the back row.

Three Kingdoms Cao Cao Biography

From the data point of view, about 70% of "learning tyrants" habitually choose the position of the back row. When asked about the reason, many people said that the back row is convenient for them to listen to the class better, and it is more convenient to shoot the teacher's teaching PPT.

Netizens said:

@ 郦 橙 锦 妖:

Let me translate it.

Sitting in the first row: I want to surround the teacher closely and become a teacher's pet, Wangwang ~

Sleeping in the second row: good motivation, but could not help but be taken away by the God of Sleep ...

Sitting in the middle: "Come, come, let the horses come."

Sitting by the wall: ignore me, ignore me, I'm a delicate little transparent.

Sitting at the door: Slip off at any time.

Sitting in the last row: Brother is so cool, not suitable for class.

There is another formula.

Distance from the last row = degree of concern / concentration of drowsiness

As for why many people do n’t like to sit in the front row, hey, maybe they are so cool and do n’t want to be teachers ’pets ~

Anonymous User:

Do you know how it feels to be invisible while hanging on the qq, this is the feeling of doing the back row in college classes. Those who sit in the front row are all online. Those who listen carefully in the front row are busy. They are away from sleep, and they are not with the teacher Stop me is Q me ^ _ ^


Everyone knows that in college, serious study will be said to pretend to be 13, and skipping classes and playing games is the right way. If you sit in the first row and listen attentively, you will be considered out of class and isolated. But if you sit in the last row, even if you listen carefully, everyone will be treated as a friend.

@ 酋长 萨尔:

Those who do not work hard will feel guilty when sitting in the front row.

当然这话说的可能不完全对,不过他说这是他长期观察的结果。 Although many students like to sit in the back row, one university teacher once said, "Any student who insists on sitting in the first three rows during class will earn an average of 1,000 yuan more than a student who insists on sitting in the last three rows. It may not be completely right, but he said it was the result of his long-term observation.

People who insist on sitting in the front row are more motivated than those who like the back row, and their future may be more successful.

So, is it better to sit in the front or back?

The editor thinks that, in fact, the key to college classes is not to sit in the first row, but to whether you listen carefully.

So, which row do you like to sit in?

Tell Xiaobian as soon as possible ~

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