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[Yangxian you are so handsome]-Photo play Sanqin

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I only took one of the six flower viewing routes and I was drunk in Yangxian.

The annual Hanzhong Rapeseed Flower Festival is the eighth this year. The theme of this year is still "Golden Flower Sea is really beautiful Hanzhong". The main venue is in Yang County. I have been to Yangxian many times. After two years, I did not expect that the changes in Yangxian were so great. The roads were wide, the buildings were tall, the countryside was beautiful, and the people were happy.

2017 · China's Most Beautiful Rape Flower Sea Hanzhong Tourism and Culture Festival is hosted by Hanzhong City People's Government and hosted by Xinhuanet, City Cultural Relics Tourism Bureau and Yang County People's Government. The grand event of tourism, the festival of the people "is the purpose, and the whole activity runs from early March to the end of April. The Rapeseed Flower Festival is positioned as a city's business card, a tourism event, and a festival for the people.

The main venue of the Hanzhong Travel Culture Festival is Yang County. The county ’s 120,000 acres of rapeseed and 10,000 acres of pear flowers will usher in a flowering period in two weeks. They will go to Yangxian in mid-March to early April to see pear flowers and canola flowers. At the same time, the "Jinhai Snow Mountain" grand scenery, 10,000 acres of peony flowers also opened at the end of March. Yangxian main venue launched 6 real-life experience boutique lines, visitors can choose independently and feel the charm of rape blossoms and pear blossoms, peach blossoms at the same time .

In order to facilitate tourists to enjoy the flowers, in addition to the flower viewing point in Zhuxi Liyuan Scenic Spot, the main venue of Yang County has newly built a 23-km Wuling Line, three flower viewing points along the National Highway 108 at the exit of the Longhan exit of the Western Han Expressway, and the new Jinsha Lake Scenic area, specially launched 6 boutique tourist routes.

Although six main flower viewing routes were designed at the main venue this time, we Shaanxi New Media Masters have other tasks, so we only took one, "Liyuan ----- Peony Garden". Here in late March, 10,000 acres of pear blossoms are competing to open. The white pear blossoms and golden yellow rape blossoms are superimposed together. It is very spectacular. The peony here is even more beautiful in early April. But they said that the later lines are more beautiful, but we really do n’t have time and want to stay and take a look.

If you feel good, take the time to take a look at it. I would advise you to go to the wrong peak and never go on the weekend. If you go this weekend, I am afraid you will not be able to watch it because there are too many people.

Zhuhualiyuan Scenic Viewing Flower Line

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We are proud, we are from Yangxian! We believe that tomorrow in Yangxian will be better!

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