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Ruihua Campus Ambassador Recruitment 2017

Public number: Accounting Association of Wuhan University of Technology Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:42:23

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Recruitment of Ruihua Campus Ambassadors


Want to make connections? Gain experience?

Want to enter Ruihua Internship?

Want a recommendation letter from Ruihua?

Then don't miss the recruitment of Ruihua campus ambassadors! !!



















Ruihua Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership) is a professional, large-scale and international professional service agency. It is the first batch of accounting affairs in China that has been granted A + H share auditing qualifications and completed the conversion of special general partnerships. The company is the United States PCAOB (public company accounting oversight committee) registration agency.

In the "2016 Top 100 Information for Comprehensive Evaluation of Accounting Firms" issued by the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Ruihua ranks second in the country and first in the country, and is the largest national brand accounting firm in China.

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The Ruihua Campus Ambassador Training Program is a Ruihua brand communication campaign carried out by Ruihua Certified Public Accountants for college students who have signed contracts with Ruihua universities nationwide. The term of Ruihua Campus Ambassador is two years. As a bridge between Ruihua and students, they introduce Ruihua to college students, promote the brand image of "Xiangrui Chinese Dream, Fenghua Professional", and are the organizers of Ruihua brand on campus And communicators.


★ Study at an exclusive college designated by Ruihua

★ Freshman students in finance related majors

★ Have a serious and responsible spirit

★ Identify Ruihua's culture

★ It is better to have community work experience

Activity process

▪ Fill in the registration information (March 13-April 9)

▪Resume screening

▪Ability test

▪Themed short videos

▪In-school trials (June)

▪ National Finals (Mid-July)

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