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Meng Ye: The design of the TATA wooden door moved me

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TATA wooden doors frequently opened large stores and attacked the city. Almost all of the first-tier Chinese stars came to TATA wooden doors. This time, TATA wooden doors invited two superstars at the same time. Fashion expert Song Jia and star royal designer Meng also gathered. Zhengzhou assisted TATA . On March 19th, the first fashion store of TATA Wooden Door opened in Zhengzhou Zhonglu Store. Their arrival made the event icing on the cake, and the scene was full of friends and seats.

Meng Ye: Simple and attentive design is just right

Everyone's understanding of fashion is different. Fashion may be a beautiful dress and a brightly colored bag. Fashion may also be a combination of some elements, the use of regional characteristics, or it may be strange or even incomprehensible. irregular.

So in life, how to express fashion, and how can fashion be well integrated into our lives? TATA大店,感触很深,他感觉TATA的每款产品的设计,都有独特的灵魂,没有刻意之感,集合了经典设计,保留了简单的线条起伏,把复古里面最经典的东西放进去,很好的衬托了你,又很好的贴近了你,最重要的是TATA运用了很多生活中的元素。 The star royal designer Meng Ye, after visiting the TATA store, was deeply touched. He felt that the design of each TATA product has a unique soul. There is no deliberate sense. It integrates classic designs and retains simple lines. , Put the most classic things in retro, set off you very well, and very close to you, the most important thing is that TATA uses many elements of life. This simple and thoughtful design is just right.

Meng Ye: Home is a place of temperament

不仅是水泥的组合,一提到家, 人们总会想到温馨、有爱、有 一种归属感。 When it comes to the door, it must have a relationship with home. We always think that home has a special meaning. It is not only a combination of cement. When people talk about home, people always think of warmth, love, and a sense of belonging. Therefore, everyone will put a lot of effort into home improvement design.  

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. 门里门外】的座谈会上,三位嘉宾都说出了自己对家的理解和向往,其中孟也老师的一番话,让小编颇为收益。 At the event, at the forum [Fashion . Outside the Door], the three guests expressed their understanding and longing for home. Among them, Meng Ye's words made the editor very profitable. Home, in addition to satisfying our living needs, clothing, food, shelter, and transportation, in fact, we still have to integrate all of ourselves into this space, and we need to make the house a space with personal temperament and unique charm. In other words, the home is a place of temperament!

Meng Ye: The best design should be humane design

For 18 years, TATA wooden doors have paid great attention to creating products that are most in line with the environment. Each product has its own characteristics. It is simple to look at, but it has great taste. Song Jia and Meng Ye, who visited the TATA store, were moved by the small design of the TATA wooden door. 门把手设计设计 ,为避免刮伤孩子、衣物的 无锁舌设计 ,为人们的安静空间 静音门设计 ,为节省空间 平折门设计 ,为方便老人 推转门设计 Designed for illuminated door handles illuminated from night to night , non-bolt design to avoid scratching children and clothing , silent door for people's quiet space , flat folding door to save space , and convenient for the elderly to push the revolving door 这些细小的设计,改变了人们对木门的认知,也解决了生活的很多问题,最好的设计莫过于为需要设计、为爱设计! These small designs have changed people's perception of wooden doors and also solved many problems in life. The best design is to design for need and design for love!

TATA wooden doors for 18 years, only focus on wooden doors, with a dedicated attitude on the 2 square meters of doors, no matter from the stylish design of the shape or the design of functional requirements, TATA has always pursued the ultimate beauty with design to change life! This is the attitude of a carpenter at TATA!

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