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Guilin Yangshuo Lijiang and Longji Terraces 2017 Convening

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Jiuyang Tatian

Guilin boutique photography troupe is convened in 2017. Please keep it. Grouping is perennial. Independent groups can set their own dates!

Guilin's famous scenery photographer Hu Jinhong led the team in person to guide the photography skills on the spot!

We focus on Guilin photography! Consistently adhere to the development and creation of Guilin's photography lines, and have a good understanding of the climate and light and shadow effects of Guilin, Yangshuo, and Longji Terraces; Let you hit the most beautiful and unique scenery of Guilin to the utmost!

★ Lishu River on the 4th in Yangshuo 1880 yuan / person

2017 4-day tour period: March 26-29, April 8-11, April 25-28, May 7-10, May 22-25, July 24-27, 8 March 3-6, August 21-24, September 2-5, September 19-22, October 21-24, October 31-November 3, and November 10-13 .

From May 28th to July 20th, the 4-day group only accepts the whole group registration.

Independent group can be self-defined group period (more than 10 people)

On the first day, Yangshuo reports all day. After dinner, watch the pictures of the attractions with explanations. Live in Yangshuo.

The next day, I shot the Li River sunrise in the morning and fishermen cast a net in the afternoon. Lijiang Osprey Fishing Fire, Live in Yangshuo

On the third day, the sunrise of the Li River in the morning, the sunset of the Li River, live in Yangshuo

On the fourth day, I took the sunrise of the Li River and ended the pleasant trip.

Sunrise and sunset are guaranteed to be different photography spots.

This tour meets Yangshuo and ends in Yangshuo, including 3 nights of farm stay, 3 days by car, 5 dinners * 30 yuan, 3 breakfasts (Guilin rice noodles)

Exclude: airport transfer fee.

★ Guilin Longji Terraced Field + Lijiang 6th Photography 2880 yuan / person

2017 tour dates: May 27-June 1, June 3-8, June 10-15, June 17-22, June 25-30, July 5-10, September 25-30, October 6-11.

Independent group can be self-defined group period (more than 10 people)

On the first day, Guilin reported all day, taking a night view of Guilin after dinner, living in Guilin

The next day, we will meet at 9:30 in Guilin,

Drive to Longsheng, take photos of Longji Terraces, live in Longji Terraces

On the third day, the Longji Terraced Fields were sunrise.

The fourth day, photography of Longji Terraced Fields. After lunch, drive to Yangshuo and live in Yangshuo.

On the fifth day, I took the sunrise view of the Lijiang River in the morning, fished the fisherman and cast a net, the Lijiang Osprey fishing fire, lived in Yangshuo

On the sixth day, I took the sunrise of the Lijiang River and ended the pleasant trip.

The sunrise and sunset in Yangshuo are all different photography spots.

This tour gathers in Guilin and ends in Yangshuo. It includes 5 nights of farm stay, 6 days by car, 9 dinners * 30 yuan, 5 breakfasts (guilin rice noodles).

Not included: transfers, cable car fare and SUV uphill and baggage charges.

★ Guilin Marine Ginkgo 4 days photography group: 2,000 yuan / person (price for more than 10 people, less than 10 people will be discussed separately)  

Best shooting period: TBD

Registration: Tel / WeChat 18278301313 QQ: 398884148

Bank account number: 955888 2103 000088347 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Guilin Xicheng Sub-branch Hu Jinhong


1. Movie friends purchase personal accident insurance by themselves.

2. Register a deposit of 300 yuan / person to determine the quota, and pay the balance when you register.

3. If there is any change in the registered film friends, the trip cannot be made, and I must notify me 6 days in advance.

4. The tour fee will not be refunded during the event.

5. If there is an irresistible situation, the organizer has the right to adjust the original itinerary plan, and the total travel time remains unchanged.

6, single room difference:

4-day itinerary: usually 210 yuan, 420 yuan for small vacations, and 700 yuan for Golden Week.

Magic fast fight

6-day itinerary: usually 350 yuan, 700 yuan for small vacations and 1,000 yuan for Golden Week.

7, 4 days itinerary: Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival, May Day, Mid-Autumn Festival will increase by 200 yuan per person, and Eleven Golden Week will increase by 450 yuan per person.

6-day itinerary: Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival, May Day, Mid-Autumn Festival will increase by 300 yuan per person, and Eleven Golden Week will increase by 700 yuan per person.

8. Due to weather changes and limited camera locations at some camera locations, the itinerary sequence will change.

Disclaimer of Guilin Photography Activities

This photography event is a self-help tour of a voluntary participation by film friends. The film friends are fully responsible for their own safety during the event. If any accidents or dangers occur, the organizer does not need to bear any legal responsibility, financial responsibility, medical responsibility, Hereby disclaimer. Those who register in any way and participate in this event are deemed to have fully agreed with the above disclaimer.

After the event starts, this statement will automatically take effect and indicate that you have accepted this statement, otherwise, please exit before the event starts.

friendly reminder:

1: The temperature difference between morning and evening is about 10 degrees. Prepare assault pants and warm clothes as much as possible. If you have a bad stomach, please prepare commonly used medicines (such as colds, diarrhea, etc.).

2: The lenses required for Guilin photography creation are available from wide-angle, header to telephoto. For digital cameras, please prepare more camera batteries and large-capacity digital partners or laptops to store photos, gray gradient lenses, polarizers, tripods. , Shutter release.

3: Those who have heart disease or have other diseases that are not suitable for traveling shall not apply, and the consequences of concealing the disease shall be borne by themselves.

4: Please respect the local folk customs and customs, do not measure the rural conditions based on the mentality and standards of urban people, observe the schedule of the team leader of the photography group, and tolerate and accept the lack of reception conditions during the trip.

5: Airport bus to Guilin fare 25 yuan / person (45 minutes), airport to Yangshuo 50 yuan / person (90 minutes), Guilin train station to Yangshuo 25 yuan / person (90 minutes), if chartered , According to the number of models call inquiry.

Airport to Yangshuo bus schedule: 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 13:30, 15:30, 19:30, 20:30

Yangshuo to airport bus schedule: 9:30, 11:30, 15:30, 17:00, 18:30, 20:00, 22:30

6: It is strongly recommended to bring a raincoat, knee pads, and headlights.

Hu Jinhong's WeChat: 18278301313

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Registration Tel: 18278301313

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