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The 10 easiest ways to be a person, benefit for life

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Liu Bei You Zi Liu Feng of the Three Kingdoms

01. Don't look at yourself high.

There is a sky outside, there is someone on the earth, indifferent and bright, quiet and far away. When others take you as the leader, don't take yourself as the leader. When others don't take you as the leader, you must take yourself as the leader. The power is temporary, the money is outside, the body is your own, and the person is Long lasting.

02. Don't blindly promise.

Believe in words, planting actions will reap habit; planting habit will reap character; planting character will reap destiny-habit makes a person.

03. Don't ask others easily.

Treat yourself as someone else-reduce pain, flat ecstasy, treat others as yourself-sympathize with misfortune, understand needs, treat others as others-respect independence, not infringe others, treat yourself as yourself-cherish yourself and live a happy life. Being able to know others is a kind of wisdom, being able to be known by others is a kind of happiness, being able to know for yourself that you are a saint and a sage.

04. Don't impose it on others.

Human beings are people, so there is no need to be a human being deliberately; There are three realms of life: watching mountains is mountains, watching water is water—the beginning of people; watching mountains is not mountains, watching water is not water—people reach middle age; watching mountains or mountains, watching water or water—return to nature.

05. Don't make fun of others.

Damage the personality of others, be happy for a while, and hurt a lifetime. The whole of life is interdependent, everything in the world depends on other things, learn to be grateful. Be grateful for the blessing of nature, be grateful for the upbringing of your parents, be grateful for the stability of the society, be grateful for the sweetness of food, be grateful for the clothes, be grateful for the adversity

06. Don't lose your temper.

One hurts the body, the other hurts the feelings, and everyone is equal in birth and death-crying, crying. Do not forget that you are reluctant, and others have already decided, and take a step back to the sea and the sky, tolerate the calmness of things;


07. Don't interrupt others.

Many words must be lost, silence is golden, listening to a kind of wisdom, a kind of cultivation, a kind of respect, a kind of spiritual communication, calm is a kind of mentality, a kind of maturity.

08. Don't underestimate the meter.

Spreading beauty, harvesting happiness, appearance is a kind of mood, appearance is a kind of strength. When you look at the beauty yourself, let others appreciate the beauty, spiritual yoga—adaptation, cultivation, and transcendence.

09. Don't close yourself.

Helping people is a noble, understanding people is an open-minded, forgiving people is a virtue, serving people is a joy, the full moon is a poem, the moon missing is a flower, the head is spring, and the bow is autumn.

10. Don't bully honest people.

Sympathy for the weak is a moral character, a state, a kind of harmony, and mental health in order to be healthy. A person has a measure, a point of temperament, a person has a temperament, a point of popularity, a person has a point of popularity One more career, build good morals, cultivate self-cultivation.

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