hg5555.com Nutritionist Appears at the First Forest Ecological Food Tasting Conference

Nutritionist Appears at the First Forest Ecological Food Tasting Conference

Public number: Chengdu Nutrition Circle Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:42:08

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The first forest ecological food tasting was the highlight of the 96th National Sugar and Wine Party-"Forest Food" zone. It was grandly held on the evening of March 22 at the Chengdu Royal Palace Hotel.

More than 300 people including forest food manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and catering leaders from more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide gathered together to witness the feast of feasts created by 10 veteran Sichuan cuisine masters.

In the host's introduction, dishes such as drunk thunder bamboo shoots, three peppers, spiced sturgeon fish, ginseng bamboo sturgeon lion head, mountain simmered black sturgeon meat, chanterelle boletus, etc., appeared on the scene, not only with attractive names, It is full of color and fragrance, and the guests all praised it.

With the continuous improvement of living standards and health consciousness, people's demand for diet is no longer limited to richness and deliciousness, but also pay attention to safety and nutrition.

Regarding the dishes at the tasting, the organizer not only introduced the origin and supplier of its ingredients in detail. After the whole live video broadcast, the cooking process of the chef and Sichuan cuisine master was invited, and professional nutritionists were invited to nutritionally prepare the dishes at the scene. Analysis and reviews.

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A guest said that in the past when facing food, they just thought about whether it was good or not. The nutritionist's analysis and comments made us realize the important relationship between food and the human body. Not only did we eat deliciously, but we also understood and eat healthy!

As the supporter of the nutritionist review session of this tasting session, Chengdu Page Health Management Co., Ltd. carefully planned the nutrition knowledge brought to the guests on the scene is rigorous, scientific and easy to understand. It was unanimously approved by the conference organizers.

Adhering to the concept of "universal nutrition and health promotion", the company is committed to providing nutrition and health professional services for enterprises and individuals, and creating a resource sharing platform for employment and entrepreneurial personnel.

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