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[Recommended by Han Mo Garden] Six small things, persist for ten years, it is difficult for children not to be excellent

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01. Bedtime stories.

Telling bedtime stories can help improve children's comprehension, imagination and logical thinking ability, and is very helpful for brain development. Moreover, the relationship and communication between parents and children can be greatly enhanced.

Bedtime stories are part of children's literary works. Most of them are created by children based on their psychological characteristics. Have strong feelings, can move the hearts of children; have noble childishness, can make children laugh, give them joy and happiness.

Of course, the bedtime story is elaborate. It should not be too long, and it is best to control it within half an hour. The choice of story must also be particular about the peace, quietness, and gracefulness. You cannot choose a story with a fierce plot or a horrible story. Otherwise, it will affect the sleep quality of the child, and the child may have nightmares .

02. Teach your children to do housework.

Learning about books is just part of your child's life. When returning home, the child should do what he can, especially doing some fine work using his fingers. For example, letting children peel cabbage and onion skins and remove the pea pod tendons. This fine finger movement can stimulate the brain. It can be said that the hand is part of the head, and the nerves of the hand are directly connected to the central nervous system of the brain. The more flexible the child's hand is, the more flexible his brain is.

Experts say that doing things by hand is the foundation of children's growth, and it is the process of children's hand-brain integration and harmonious development of body and mind. If you really love children, you must create conditions to meet the children's "want to do things themselves" needs, let the children do more, do not use your "excessive kindness" to deprive children of growth opportunities.

Facing the increasingly fiercely competitive society and cultivating children's self-care, self-reliance has become a more important task than academic achievement. Therefore, doing housework has become the primary choice for cultivating children's self-care and self-reliance.

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03. Outing together.

In parent-child gardens and kindergartens, artificial education is essential, and the subtle education in nature in the wild countryside is more important and effective. Climbing to the top in the dense forest, picking unknown wild flowers on the green grass, chasing butterflies flying between flowers, the child's deliberate inspiration, the experience and wisdom of subtle growth, like a spring rain But it is obvious that this is especially important and necessary for children who are growing up.

Allow children to enjoy plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Spring is a green world. Under the warm sunshine, quietly climbing up the tender green bud leaves of the branches, not only brings a pleasant spring to the baby, but also the green grass and large forests in the city's reinforced concrete forest. The negative oxygen ions that cannot be captured by the fingers, the sound of pine waves moving with the wind, and the random bird sounds can be of great benefit to the physical and mental development of children.

Allows children to directly feel nature and increase their knowledge. When the spring-like nature suddenly shows up in front of the children, the children will surely cheer and run around. In the warm sunshine, facing the intoxicating spring breeze, soaking in the fresh oxygen bar, listening to the sound of the cheerful stream, feeling the joy of the birds singing on the branches, the trees, the branches, the Every leaf, every little flower, every little bird, every stream, everything is extremely fresh to the child.

04. Communication.

More and more children are suffering from "childhood autism", which is mainly due to the lack of communication between parents and children. Due to China's family planning policy, today there are more and more single children. Coupled with the building now, children will lack playmates and feel extra lonely. Therefore, it is important for parents to communicate with their children.

Communicating with children can enhance the emotions between parents and children, become friends with children, and reduce children's loneliness.

Moms and dads talk to their children more often, and they can exercise their language skills and children's brain development. This will help children to better integrate into the society and answer questions raised by their children. Don't say "I don't know, you will know when you're up". Give your child more thinking and exercise their thinking skills when answering your child's questions.

05. Participate in sports activities together.

Parents and children participating in sports activities can not only cultivate children's sports interests, sports cognition, and exercise habits, but also enhance children's family interaction and emotional sublimation.

Children need a healthy and strong body to grow up. If parents can guide their children to love sports from an early age, not only will they have the opportunity to develop good sports habits and have a healthy body, but more importantly, lay a good foundation for their physical and mental development, and cultivate their bravery and tenacity through physical exercise. the spirit of.

Let children develop good exercise habits and lay the foundation for their future lives. Just as the campus football activities that are being vigorously promoted now, the significance is not to cultivate many football stars, but to stimulate children's sports interest through football, and to cultivate children's awareness of hardship, courage, solidarity and cooperation, and respect for rules.

At the same time, participating with children can also make parents better aware of the importance of physical exercise for their children's physical and mental health. Some families, even with the child's lead, have developed a good habit of exercise.

Parents' understanding and participation in sports have a great impact on their children. Only when parents recognize the importance of sports for the healthy growth of their children and actively support and participate in their sports activities can they help children develop good sports habits from an early age.

06. Take part in public welfare activities together.

Today's only children have endless love, but dedication is very small, not even. If enjoying the happiness created by his parents is the only source of his happiness, then it is very bad. He will be a person who only knows what to ask for and dedicates, which will be very dangerous. Therefore, we must pay great attention to dedication education for children. Parents can cultivate their children's dedication through public welfare activities.

Psychologists believe that parents and children can participate in social welfare activities together, which can not only increase the child ’s social experience, but also improve the close communication between parents and children, and help to cultivate the child's dedication and public welfare. Responsibility even plays a positive role in promoting social progress and improving the feelings between people.

The child's dedication and kindness are not enough to rely on books alone. Many developed countries have established student volunteer systems in schools, stipulating that students serve the society every semester, and how many hours they must participate in social welfare activities. Important aspects of semester assessment, if you do not reach a certain time limit, you will not get credit.

Participating in social welfare activities with children and doing volunteer work is a process of practical education. It is an important means of cultivating students' mental and physical abilities, and lays a good foundation for children to move into society and base themselves on society.

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