亚盘 网址hg622.com [Campus Fax] Three students from our school won the honorary title of "Excellent Red Cross Youth"

[Campus Fax] Three students from our school won the honorary title of "Excellent Red Cross Youth"

Public number: Dongtai Middle School, Jiangsu Province Source: Time: 2020-01-09 04:35:40

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Recently, three students from our high school (1) class Xu Jilong, high school (7) class Cheng Linxuan and high school (10) class Lu Siyang were awarded by the Red Cross Society of Dongtai City as "Excellent Red Cross Youth" in 2015-2016. After receiving the commendation, the three students expressed that they would continue to carry forward the "humane, fraternity, and dedication" Red Cross spirit in their future life practice.

For a long time, our school insists on integrating the Red Cross youth work with the school's moral education work, combining it with the school's quality education and health education. Through the speech under the national flag, campus radio, bulletin boards, special lectures, knowledge contests, etc., our school actively Develop members among teachers and students throughout the school, and organize members to carry out a series of activities such as helping the poor, serving the society, and dedicating love, which has won widespread praise from the community.

Source: Office of Political Affairs

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