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Red Dance Shoes | Andersen

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Red dance shoes

Story No. 190

Author Andersen

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There used to be a little girl, a very cute and beautiful little girl. But she had to walk barefoot in the summer because she was poor. In winter she dragged a pair of heavy wooden shoes, her insteps were red, which was very uncomfortable. In the middle of the village lives an old female shoemaker. She used old red cloth and sat down to do her best to sew out a pair of small shoes. This pair of shoes looks rather stupid, but her intentions are very good, because these shoes are sewn for this little girl. The little girl's name is Karen. On the day of her mother's burial, she got these red dance shoes. This is her first wear. Indeed, this was not what she wore when she was mourning; but she had no other shoes to wear. So she reached into a pair of bare feet and followed behind a humble coffin. Suddenly a big old car came over. There was an old lady sitting in the car. She saw the little girl and was very sorry for her, so she said to the priest, "Give me this little girl, and I will treat her well!" Karen thought it was because of her pair of red dance shoes . But the old lady said that the red dance shoes were annoying, so she burned them off. But now Karen was wearing clean and neat clothes. She learns to read and do needlework, and others say she is cute. But her mirror said: "You are not only cute; you are simply beautiful." Once the queen traveled the country; she took her little daughter together, and this was a princess. The common people all came to the palace door to look, and Karen was among them. The little princess was dressed in beautiful white clothes and stood in the window to let everyone see her. She neither dragged her heels nor wore a gold crown, but she wore a pair of gorgeous red tanned leather shoes. Compared to the pair of shoes made by the shoemaker for Little Karen, of course, these shoes are much more beautiful. Nothing in the world can be compared with red dance shoes! Now Karen was big enough to be convinced. She will have new clothes; she will also wear new shoes. A rich shoemaker in the city measured her little feet ?? This was done in his own shop, in a small room of his own. There are many large glass shelves with neat shoes and shiny boots on display. It's all beautiful, but the old lady's eyes can't see clearly, so she's not interested. Among the many shoes was a pair of red dance shoes; it was exactly the same as the princess. How beautiful they are! The shoemaker said the shoes were made for a lady of the count, but they didn't fit her feet well. "It must be made of patent leather," said the old lady, "that's why it shines like that!" "Yes, shine!" Jialun said. The shoes fit her feet so she bought them. But the old lady didn't know it was red, because she would never let Karen wear a pair of red dance shoes to be convinced. But Karen went. Everyone was looking at her feet. When she walked to the door of that choir in the church, she felt like the statues on the headstones, the priests wearing hard collars and black robes, and the portraits of their wives were staring at her. Red dance shoes. The priest rested her hand on her head, talking about the divine baptism, her vow to God, and the responsibility of being a Christian. At this moment, she only thought of her shoes. The organ played solemn music, the children's pleasant voice sang hymns, and the old captain of the hymns sang, but Karen only thought of her red shoes. That afternoon the old lady heard everyone say that the shoes were red. So she said, this is too ridiculous, too unconventional. She also said that from then on, Karen would go to the church and must wear black shoes, even if it was old. Communion will be held next Sunday. Karen looked at the pair of black shoes, and looked at the pair of red shoes again. She looked at the red shoes again, and finally decided to put on those red shoes. The sun shines beautifully. Karen and the old lady walked on the field path. There was some dust on the road. There was a disabled veteran at the church door, standing with a cane. He has a weird long beard. This beard is not so much red as it is red because it is originally red. He bent his waist almost to the ground; he went back to the old lady and said, could he wipe the dust on her shoes. Karen also stretched out her little feet. "What a beautiful dance shoe!" Said the veteran. "You are most suitable to wear it when you dance!" So he knocked on the sole with his hand a few times. The old lady gave a few silver coins to the soldier, and then took Karen into the church. Everyone in the church was looking at Karen's red shoes, and all the portraits were looking at them. When Karen kneeled in front of the communion table, holding the golden communion cup in her mouth, she only thought of her red dance shoes ?? They seemed to be floating in the communion cup in front of her. She forgot to sing hymns; she forgot to pray. Everyone is now out of the church. The old lady went into her car, and Karen lifted her foot into the car. The veteran standing next to him said, "What a beautiful dance shoe!" Karen couldn't stand the praise: she had to take a few steps. From the beginning, she kept jumping on both legs. The shoes seemed to control her legs. She jumped around the corner of the church ?? She couldn't stop. The driver had to run behind her, grab her, and hug it into the car. However, her feet were still jumping, and as a result she kicked violently into the kind-hearted wife. At last they took off her shoes; in this way, her legs were quiet. These shoes were placed in a cupboard at home, but Karen couldn't help but go and see. Now the old lady was lying sick; everyone said she probably wouldn't be better. She had to be looked after and cared for, but this work should not be done by others but by Karen. But at this time there was a grand ball in the city, and Karen was invited. She looked at the bad old lady, and looked at the red shoes again. She didn't think it would hurt to look at it. She put on these shoes ?? There is no harm in wearing them. But then she went to the ball and started dancing. But when she was about to turn right, the shoes jumped to the left. When she wanted to walk up, her shoes jumped down, she went down the stairs, went all the way to the street, and walked out of the gate. She danced and had to dance all the way to the Black Forest. There is a light in the woods. She thought it must be the moon, because she saw a face. But this is the veteran with the red beard. He was sitting, nodding his head, and said, "What a beautiful dance shoe!" At this moment she was afraid and wanted to throw away the red dance shoes. But they buckle tightly. So she pulled her socks, but the shoes were born to her feet. She danced, and had to jump to the fields and grasslands, to dance in the rain, to the sun, at night, and during the day. The scariest thing is to jump at night. She jumped into a church graveyard, but the dead there did not dance: they had better things to do than dance. She wanted to sit on the grave of a poor man covered with absinthe, but she couldn't calm down and couldn't rest. When she jumped to the open door of the church, she saw a man in a white robe . Her wings dragged from her shoulders to her feet, her face was solemn and calm, and she held a bright sword in her hand. "You have to dance!" She said, "Dancing in your red shoes until you turn white and cold, until your body shrinks into a skeleton. You have to jump from this door to That door. You have to knock on the door where some proud and arrogant children live, so that they can hear you, afraid of you! You have to dance, keep dancing! "" Please forgive me! " Called Karen. 的回答,因为这双鞋把她带出门,到田野上去了,带到大路上和小路上去了。 But she didn't hear the answer, because the shoes took her out the door, went to the fields, and took them to the main road and the small road. She has to keep dancing. One morning she skipped a familiar door. There was the sound of singing hymns, and people carried out a coffin decorated with flowers. Only then did she know that the old lady was dead. 责罚。 So she felt that she had been abandoned by everyone and punished by God . She danced, she had to dance ?? dance in the dark night. These shoes took her through the briar of thorns; these things stabbed her to bleed. She jumped on the wasteland and went all the way to a solitary hut. She knew there was an executioner here. She tapped her finger on the glass window and said, "Please come out! Please come out! I can't get in because I'm dancing!" The executioner said, "You may not know who I am? Those who have broken their heads. I already feel my axe shaking! "" Please don't cut off my head, "said Karen," because if you do this, then I can't confess my sin. But please cut off my feet in red shoes! "So she said her sins. The executioner cut off her feet in red shoes. But these shoes jumped onto the field with her little feet, all the way into the dark forest. He assigned her a pair of wooden feet and a walking stick, and taught her a hymn often sung by prisoners. She kissed the hand holding the axe, and walked towards the wasteland. "I've had a lot of trouble for these red shoes," she said. "Now I'm going to the church so that people can see me." So she quickly walked towards the church door, But when she got there, the pair of red shoes danced in front of her, making her scared. So she walked back. She passed a full week in sorrow, and shed many sad tears. But when Sunday came, she said, "Well, I have suffered and struggled long enough! I think I'm no different now than those with heads in the church!" So she went boldly. But when she had just walked to the door of the church, she saw the pair of red shoes dancing in front of her again: at this moment she was afraid and went back immediately, while reverently repenting her sin. She went to the pastor's house and asked to be a servant at his house. She is willing to work diligently and do her best to do things. She doesn't care about salary; she just wants a place to stay with good people. The minister's wife had pity on her and left her to do the work. She is diligent and attentive. 的时候,她就静静地坐下来听。 In the evening, as the priest read aloud , she sat quietly to listen. The children in this family love her. But when they talked about the beauty of dresses and pomps like the queen, she shook her head. The next Sunday, the whole family went to the church . They asked her if she was willing to go. With tears in her eyes, she looked at her crutch miserably. So the family went to God's commandments. Only she went back to her little room alone. It's not too wide here, only a bed and a chair. She sat here with a collection of hymns and read the words in it with a pious heart. Fenger blew her church organ's sound. She lifted her face wet with tears and said, "God, help me!" The sun was shining brightly. An Angel, in white clothes—the Angel she saw at the church door one evening—appeared in front of her. But instead of holding the sharp sword in her hand, she was holding a green branch full of roses. She touched the ceiling with it and the ceiling rose high. Wherever she touched, a bright Venus appeared. She touched the wall and the wall broke apart. At this moment she saw the organ playing the music and painted some ancient portraits of the pastor and his wife. The people are sitting on the elegant seats, singing the poems in the hymn book. If it wasn't that the church automatically came to the poor girl in this small room, it was that she was already inside the church. She sat on the seat with the priest's family. When they finished reading the hymns and looked up, they nodded and said, "Yes, Karen, you have come here!" "I have forgiveness!" She said. The organ plays music. The children's chorus is very nice and cute. The bright sun beamed warmly from the window to the seat where Karen sat. Her heart was so full of sunshine, peace, and happiness that it burst out. Her soul flew into the kingdom of heaven in the light of the sun. No one asked her pair of red shoes again.

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