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Style and Magic Concept Restaurant

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Today, restaurants are no longer just places where diners can satisfy their appetite. More and more restaurants attach importance to other sensory enjoyment of the dining process and are committed to creating a theme atmosphere. In order to satisfy customers' taste, vision and even hearing and tactile enjoyment needs, many traditional restaurants have transformed into "concept restaurants".

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A restaurant with 10,000 bones: Mexico's HUESO RESTAURANT

Hueso Restaurant's design style can be seen from the name. Hueso is Spanish, which means bone in English. The overall design of the restaurant and the selection of details are based on this.

Hueso Restaurant is located in Guadalajara, Mexico, designed and built by Cadena + Asociados.

The main frame of the restaurant was originally a building from the 1940s and was renovated.

The interior of the space is based on white, with antique cabinets and various bones as the main decoration; the materials are mainly solid wood and ceramics.

The overall style of the restaurant is harmonious and unified, and it makes full use of daylight to make it visually bright.

The entrance hall is decorated with 10,000 cast aluminum bones hanging on the wall.

The open kitchen is also a special design in the interior, and the bar is the only partition from the customer.

In the back of the restaurant, recycled wood is used, which is also the link between the restaurant and the trees.

The restaurant's exterior ceramic tiles are handmade, and their images are inspired by needlework and sewing.

The milky white tiles with black lines are reminiscent of bones and cracks.

The bright sunlight illuminates the entire restaurant, and the bones reflect soft light, appearing pure and sacred.

The afterglow of the evening came in, adding a little tenderness to this pure temple.

The eyes of the restaurant are full of all kinds of bones in gray and white tones, but they don't look gloomy, only clean beauty and poetry make people feel full of pilgrimage.

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PHARMACY 2: Art restaurant surrounded by drugs

Up-and-coming British artist Damien Hirst and British chef Mark Hix have teamed up to create the latest restaurant called Pharmacy 2 at the Newport Street Art Gallery in London.

The design of the restaurant is full of medical and medical atmosphere.

It's for viewing, and of course you can experience the magic of dining in a space surrounded by drugs.

The wall is inlaid with red and blue DNA elements.

Marble with floor and metal bar forged a cold feeling.

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The colorfulness of all kinds of drugs shines on the bar, sofa, table and chairs.

Bright colors outline a strange and fantastic space atmosphere.

Regarding the creative theme of the restaurant, Damien Hirst once said that Pharmacy 2 combines two of his favorite things-art and food. He loves the food made by Mark Hix and is very happy to cooperate.

Damien Hirst is good at creating thematic works that are closely related to the environment, including animals and humans. His creative angles are diversified and his expressions are diversified to present a naked and fresh style.

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Laboratory for Vitamin Supplements for Fast Food Culture: Tokyo FAST FOOD AID

This is a mysterious drug store Fast Food Aid that looks like a professional laboratory on the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

Created by Kaibutsu Design Office for Japanese organic health food brand Dohtonbori, bold and avant-garde.

Clean white icy tile walls with metal and glass medicine racks displaying neat medicine cans.

Inside the medicine jar are various vitamins and health-care medicines.

The neon light of the cross-shaped medical logo is like the bright yellow of vitamins, which simply and neatly explains the meaning here.

Upon entering the store, you will find a friendly nutritionist wearing a white robe and smiling.

He provides nutrition counseling to help you get quick nutritional supplements after eating fast food, and configure the corresponding vitamins according to the lack of nutrients.

This "mystery pharmacy" advocates the concept of balanced nutrition, and can enjoy health while enjoying deliciousness.

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