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I know a warm and fresh island, are you coming?

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Xiamen is a popular tourist city. I have many students who have been or plan to go around. Some students come to inquire about Xiamen ’s strategy. Recently, Mr. Meow is planning to play in the past. In the end, I decided to introduce a itinerary, and then I will recommend a variety of recommended teas, snacks, and desserts.


通常游玩大部分是在岛内,岛内有两个区:湖里区和思明区。 Xiamen is actually divided into islands and islands. Xiamen is very small, and Xiamen Island is even smaller. Usually , most of the games are on the island. There are two districts in the island: Huli District and Siming District. Most of the journey within the island does not exceed 1 hour (if there is no traffic jam), the Xiamen subway is still under construction, and travel is mainly by bus or BRT (Express Bus). 因为9月有个金砖会议将在厦门举办,再加上在修地铁,所以可能会时常遇到施工路段。 In addition, because a BRICS conference will be held in Xiamen in September, and the subway is under construction, it may encounter construction sections from time to time.


Next, I will arrange the places to play according to day by day for your reference.

first day


Gulangyu Island is a small island beside Xiamen Island. It is recommended to go ashore by boat. It is recommended to go ashore early, and there will be more people in the afternoon, especially during the peak tourist season.

Many small art and fresh shops on the island, as well as the consulate sites of various countries, are very suitable for taking pictures.

If you like to take sights, just follow the signs on the island. If you do n’t want to crowd the sights with people, you can just walk by feeling. The island is very small and it ’s not easy to get lost. There will be signs on the way back.

Zhongshan Road

Zhongshan Road and Gulangyu Island are across the sea. A large area near Zhongshan Road can be eaten. Zhongshan Road is all riding towers, very distinctive, and the night view is pretty. The only thing to worry about is that there may be many people.

(When going to the winter vacation, in order to meet the BRICS conference, the building was repainted and rebuilt, full of scaffolding, I do n’t know if it is repaired now)

:KOI 八婆婆仙草南路放牛斑牛油果大师黄则和豪香里脊陈佳甜品… Food tip : KOI Eight Mother-in-law Xiancao South Road puts beef avocado master Huang Ze and Hao Xiang loin Chen Jia dessert ...

(Small shops are usually sold to tourists, it is best not to buy, easy to be pitted)

the next day

Xiamen University and surrounding

(Shapowei, University Road, Minzu Road, Baicheng)

Xiamen University is very beautiful. The typical early Chen Jiageng building can only be accessed by registering an identity card. Hibiscus Tunnel can go and see.

On Shapowei, there are many unique shops on University Road and Minzu Road. If it doesn't rain on Saturday, you can run into the Saturday Market of Art West.

Baicheng Beach can watch the sunset, but there may be many people.

:乌糖沙茶面安海土笋冻九人分芋圆JUICY的面包与奶酪老纳酸奶…(很多网红店,可以提前查好mark住) Food tip : Black sugar noodle tea Anan soil bamboo shoots frozen nine people taro round juicy bread and cheese old yogurt ... (many online red shops, you can check mark in advance)

Zeng Yan

Zeng Yi was on the roadside of the roundabout. If you walk around the roundabout to watch the sea, you can take a snack or something in the past, but it is not recommended, and the atmosphere of tourists is very heavy.

:曾厝垵有很多卖台湾大芒果的,有那种帮你快递整箱寄回去的,不要买! Tips : There are many people who sell Taiwanese big mangoes. There are those who can help you to send the whole box to you. Don't buy it!

The third day

(Park day)

Wanshi Botanical Garden

Kushen wallet

Tickets are required. One adult ticket is 40. Student ID is half price. It's a big one and you can walk for half a day. There are many plant varieties inside, which is very interesting. Many people like to take pictures in the succulent plant area, and many online red Taobao shops have also taken seller shows there.

(Thanks to Rui Rui for quoting from Rui Rui's film here)

Railway Culture Park

It is an abandoned railway. It is near the botanical garden. The landscape is very comfortable and you can take a walk.

当年的 短发girl也拍游客照) ( The short-haired girl of the year also took tourist photos)

Zhongshan Park

There are recreational facilities for citizens.

When you go in the summer, pay attention to mosquito prevention.

Huaxin Lu

Right next to Zhongshan Park, the so-called "villa area in the city center" is very quiet, and people often take wedding photos there. Some villas have been bought to make coffee shops, and they are all well decorated, and there is a well-known independent bookstore: not in a bookstore.

当年的 短发girl也文艺过) ( The short-haired girl of the year has also been literary)


There are other places, if you have time to go, they are listed here separately

Around Lake Hu

Xidi Coffee Street (Regal District, many foreigners), Bailuzhou Park

(You can see the phoenix flowers blooming in the street in the graduation season, super beautiful)

Bay park

There are many bars to watch the sea at night

Old warehouse

Good place for literary youth

:需要提前一天微博私信预约 tips : Need a Weibo private message appointment one day in advance

Jimei District outside the island :

Jimei aesthetics village (Chen Jiageng building), Long Zhouchi night view, Three Shadows Hall


Later, we will launch a special introduction to Xiamen food

Any questions about Xiamen Raiders can leave a message in the background

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