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Good writing, heartache to read

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The princess often traverses the tyrant's pet

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Sad, just go for a walk alone;

Sad, returned home to sleep quietly.



How can everything go well,

Everything goes well,

Pain is not all in life,

Hurt, cried,

Life is still there,

The hard part is endurance.

Hurt, grit your teeth,

It hurts to learn to smile slightly,

Raise the waist bar.

Life needs it.

Naturally and calmly,

We must continue to struggle tomorrow!

The beauty of a person is not a face,

But all past experiences,

World Professional Wrestling 2007

Leaving scars in my heart to fade away,

It is strong and peaceful.

and so,

Elegance is not trained,

It is a kind of experience.

Indifferent is not disguised,

It's a precipitate.

in some sense,

Man will never grow old,

It ’s just the face that grows old,

Time will be a soul,

Become more and more moving.

If one day I lose everything, I lose nothing. Who would stand by me and say to me: All right, you and me? Is it buddy, friend, or lover?

The joy of others can be seen, and who can feel the pain in the heart? When you are really angry, it is not crying or trouble, but you are alone and silent.

I wo n’t ask, I wo n’t mention it, I ’ll keep walking when I am sad.

I wo n’t be noisy, I wo n’t be troubled, I use silent instead of heartache.

Sometimes people take others too seriously and end up with nothing in the eyes of others.


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