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This week at a glance

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Merry Goddess

Last year's RP BOO scene photos in Dada Beijing

Here is a list of DADA Beijing events this week:

Be Stupid, Wednesday, April 5th! The DJs are Kaize, Anton, Shen Yue, Fei26, and Sunmeng.

On Thursday, April 6, "Raw Meat" continues!

On Friday, April 7th, the antidote presented TASO [Teklife, Chicago] Since 2012, TASO has been part of the infamous team Teklife. As a multi-instrument player, DJ and producer, he also graduated with a degree in audio engineering.

On Saturday, April 8th, DemonSlayer [Vietnam] Onhell [United States] STYLSS artists ONHELL and DemonSlayer embarked on their "88WAVs" Asia tour, which lasted 12 days and spanned 9 cities in 4 countries.

this week: Below is the party schedule at DADA Beijing this week:


Wednesday, April 5, Be Stupid! DJs Kaize, Anton, Shen Yue, Fei26, Sunmeng playing eclectic house music.

Thursday, April 6, RAW MEAT-a night of all sorts of styles of music from experimental trap beats to lazer techno, by young fresh local talent.

Friday, April 7, Antidote presents TASO (Teklife, Chicago) TASO has been a member of the infamous crew Teklife since 2012. As a multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer who graduated with a degree in audio engineering.

Saturday, April 8, DemonSlayer [Vietnam] + Onhell [USA] STYLSS artists ONHELL & DemonSlayer embark on their "88WAVs" Asia tour, spanning 12 dates in 9 cities and 4 countries. Bringing elements of West Coast 808s and International Bass, the duo will aim to weave an atmosphere of good luck (88), heavy hits (WAVS) and positive vibes on every stop of their tour.

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