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Wuhan Metro's first "no-car" repair work successfully concluded

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Wuhan Metro's first "no-car" repair work successfully concluded

2017 year

March 22

47 A 47

Online operation

On March 22, 2017, the A47 car went online successfully, marking the successful conclusion of the third-phase car repair work. The repair work started in July 2016, and completed a total of 14 trains for the third phase of Line 1. This is the first time that Wuhan Metro has attempted to repair without a car and directly clean the traction motor by blowing dust. On the premise of maintenance quality, it can save at least 2-3 days for vehicle maintenance and save a lot of manpower.

This regular repair is undertaken by a monthly repair team in the first overhaul workshop. In these 9 months, the monthly repair team must not only ensure that the daily monthly repair tasks are completed on time, but also carry out the repair work in the same period. The pressure is heavy and the burden is heavy. From the first two weeks of trial repairs to the next week or so, everyone clenched their teeth, overcame difficulties, and successfully completed the 14 scheduled repairs.

The completion story

Bogie Group

Under the car electrical team

Car electrical group

Door Group

Each of the four groups studied the maintenance procedures of the group, delineated their own maintenance scope, and formulated their own maintenance procedures.

During the course, we were exposed to a lot of new problems, learned a lot of new skills, and had a lot of "first time".

The first time I tried to blow the soot of the traction motor without a car,

Motor dust blowing work

The first suggestion was to change from a deducted car to a retired car.

For the first time dismantling the high-adjustment valve of the entire train,

For the first time, the axle box end covers of the entire train were removed.

At the end of the scheduled tasks, I would like to explain to you what happened to each group.

Bogie Group: The "dirtyest and most tired" group

The daily work of the bogie group is arguably the dirtiest and most tiring, because they work under the car and deal with oil and iron.

During the repair, they need to change the oil of the air and compressor gearboxes. They often have to go to a remote grease storage room to get it. When changing, they can't avoid leaving some oil spots on their bodies. Fuel is put into waste oil barrels in the grease storage room, and back and forth many times, sweating is normal;

They need to clean the high-adjustment lever and anti-rolling torsion bar, soak the cloth with alcohol, and keep rubbing around the joints of the bearing, until the oil-filled ball head is polished brightly, often with soft hands;

They want to disassemble the traction motor filter, replace the brake shoes and sliders, from the train inspection warehouse to the monthly repair warehouse, drag a cart of iron back and forth several times, and remove the traction motor filter and When the brake shoes are replaced, it means that today's clothes are washed white.

Door Group: The "most stressed" group

The daily work of the door group can be said to be the most stressful, because the car's upper aisle and all the doors and other mechanical equipment need to be repaired, and there are more parts to replace.In order to ensure the quality of inspection, the door group made the door micro switch gap measuring device .

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有时虽然只是更换一个小零件,但是要拆很多部件,算是个大工程, 不容出丝毫差错。 In the course of repairs, if there are problems such as abnormal sounds of the nut pair, worn bearings or abrasion of the screw rod, sometimes even if only a small part is replaced, it is a big project to dismantle many parts, and no mistake can be made.

The most important thing is the inspection and test of the door, whether the position of the micro-switch is correct, whether the door is transparent, whether the nut pair is intact, whether the upper roller is detached, whether the door spring is still there, and whether the door is cut off and emergency unlocked during the test. Normal and so on, these are the parts to be carefully checked, which is related to the safety status of the door.

Off-board electrical group: the "most careful" group

The daily work of the electrical team under the car is arguably the most attentive, because they check countless wiring. ,便于蓄电池拆装。 In order to improve the efficiency of maintenance, the electric team under the car makes a battery trolley slide , which is convenient for battery disassembly.

During the repair, they have to open all the electric box covers under the car, check one by one whether the internal wiring is firm, the contactor arc extinguishing cover is intact, the contacts are fused, and the high-speed circuit breaker is removed to check the interior. Whether the components are intact;

The maintenance of the battery is also more complicated. They need to remove the battery packs one by one, clean and check the liquid level and appearance, etc. Finally, they must be moved to the charging cabinet for charging. The first charge is more than half a day. Someone should be assigned special guardianship.

On-board electrical group: the "most critical" group

The daily work of the electrical group on the car is arguably the most critical, because they are responsible for the inspection of the controllers and relay cabinets.

During the repair, they need to completely remove the controller to check its operation and the status of the micro-switches, etc. They also need to take the controller to perform simulation experiments, and then continue to use it after passing; they also need to carefully check the air conditioner. Cabinet, relay cabinet wiring, a small negligence may cause a big failure, so their spirit has always been highly concentrated;

The wiring inspection under the driver's desk is the most difficult. You must lie on the ground alone to drill in to complete the maintenance task. After the completion of the repair, they also need to test and debug the vehicle to determine whether the condition of the entire train is normal. Whether the electrical equipment is working properly.

During the repair of the third phase of the car, we have improved and grown.

Because of the difficulty in disassembling the battery, we have made the tooling of the battery trolley rail;

Because we want to check the clearance of the micro switch of the passenger compartment door, we have designed the micro switch gap measuring device;

Because the traction motor filter needs to be dried, we have made a special drying device;

Because the safety rope storage affects the use efficiency, we have made safety rope storage tooling;

Because the front cab door is prone to failure, we have proposed a circuit modification plan for the driver ’s bypass tail cab door and so on.

Repair every month

Safety rope storage

Tea cabinet making

Battery trolley slide

Height adjustment lever storage


The repair work effectively eliminated hidden dangers of vehicles, improved vehicle reliability, and accumulated rich experience for subsequent vehicle maintenance work.

During the maintenance process, the department continuously summed up experience, optimized the maintenance process, improved production management, improved maintenance efficiency, and reduced the maintenance time, laying a solid foundation for the successful completion of production tasks.

张安伦 Zhang Anlun of Wuhan Metro

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