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Guidance Notes for Zibo Class of 2018 Graduate Degree Class

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专业及 报考条件 Admissions and application requirements

Degree Type

Application conditions

Master of Business Administration

Persons with more than 3 years of work experience after graduating from a university;

Or more than 5 years of work experience after graduating from a vocational college

Or a master's or doctorate degree and 2+ years of work experience

Master of Public Management

education master's degree

Subject teaching


(1) Newly recognized undergraduate graduates (including fresh graduates of adult higher education held by ordinary universities, adult colleges, and ordinary universities) and self-study exams and online education will graduate undergraduates, before September 1, 2017 An undergraduate diploma recognized by the state must be obtained.

(2) Persons with a college-recognized university degree recognized by the state.

(3) Two years or more (from graduation to September 1, 2017, the same below) or more than two years after obtaining a nationally recognized vocational college graduation degree

(4) Undergraduates who have a recognized degree from the state should apply for the examination according to their academic qualifications.

(5) Those who have obtained master's and doctoral degrees.

Modern educational technology

Vocational and technical education

Training method

进校不离岗 ”的在职培养方式,利用 双休日 集中进行面授学习,课程全部由 本校 教授来淄博授课,实行 学分制 ,较宽口径培养方式,学制 2.5到6年。 After entering the school, the students adopt the in-service training method of entering the school without leaving the job”, and use intensive face-to-face study on weekends . All the courses are taught by professors in Zibo .  

Certificate issuance

毕业证书及硕士学位证书 Complete the credits within the required study time, complete the graduation design and pass the respondent. After the school's review and approval, a diploma and master's degree certificate produced by the Ministry of Education and the State Council Degree Office will be issued .

Shanghai Entertainment Channel Program

Teaching Advantages of Zibo On-the-job Graduate Teaching Center

● Lecturers from famous schools in Zibo on weekends ● High admission and high pass rate

● No worries throughout the application process from graduation to graduation ● The State recognizes the dual certificates of key universities

● Uniform fees for colleges and universities do not require any management fees ● Free inter-professional and inter-school minors

Pre-exam counselling

1. Professional pre-exam counselling. 200 9 年起承办考前辅导,有多年丰富联考辅导经验利用周六、日聘请专家、教授来我处进行考前辅导,通过率高,连续五年通过率均在 85%以上。 In order to make it easier for students to study nearby and improve their passing rate of examinations, they have been conducting pre-exam counselling since 1999. They have many years of rich experience in joint exam counseling. They use Saturday and Sunday to hire experts and professors to come to our office for pre-exam counseling. For five consecutive years, the pass rate was above 85%.   2. Free pre-exam counselling. 辅导费用 20 0 0元。 Participants in the pre-examination tutoring class must pay a tuition fee of 20,000 yuan in advance . 合作院校 录取的,学员预交费 2000元将视为预交学费或在交纳学费后返还;如学员参加联考成绩不合格,未被 合作院校 录取,预交费 2000元可在扣除辅导教材及资料印刷费成本 (280元) 后,余款全部退还给学员;如学员参加联考成绩达到 合作院校 录取分数或被 合作院校 录取,因学员个人原因放弃入学的,则预交 辅导费 2000元不再退还,视为辅导费用。 If a student passes the joint entrance exam, and is accepted by a partner institution , the student's prepayment of 2,000 yuan will be considered as a prepaid tuition fee or refunded after payment of the tuition fee; The fee of 2,000 yuan can be refunded to the students after deducting the cost of tutoring materials and materials printing costs (280 yuan) ; if the student's score in the joint entrance exam reaches the partner institution's admission score or is accepted by the partner institution , due to personal reasons If you give up enrollment, the pre- paid tuition fee of 2,000 yuan will not be refunded, which is regarded as tuition fee.  

class locations

Pioneer Building, Century Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo ways of registration

:报名时须提交《资格审查表》、身份证、毕业证、学位证 电子版各一 Registration Procedures : One copy of "Eligibility Examination Form", ID card, graduation certificate, and degree certificate must be submitted when registering

2017 graduate MBA, MPA readjustment!

Online education is about to end in the spring of 2017. Interested parties please submit registration information as soon as possible!

Consulting Tel: 0533-3166678

Teacher Han: 18653358398

Teacher Xiao: 18560936830

Teacher Fu: 18560936832

Teacher Liu: 18560936831

Address: Room 513, Chuangye Building, Shiji Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City

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