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"Such a glass" Do you dare to fall? ?

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An annual drama triggered by a glass ... A young girl broke the glass of the other party in order to smash her little brother, but found that the cost was too high, so she posted:

Life is like a play thanks to acting skills

Last night I saw a good-looking little brother in the study room, thinking about how to talk, and suddenly found that his cup was well placed! 的! Still glass !

。 Silently practiced several times in my heart, got up, pretended to go to the bathroom, passed the little brother's table, swiped his cup with clothes, pretended to be scared, quickly apologized, and made it in one go. I'm sorry myself . I cleaned up the glass slag with my little brother, and the little hand touched it twice. My little heart fluttered. Successfully added WeChat, indicating that I would definitely give him the same cup. To show my sincerity, I also took a picture of its logo.

What a perfect day!

Unexpectedly, I haven't been lucky enough. . .

It wasn't until I returned to the bedroom and described my roommates this experience full of pink bubbles, and opened Taobao beautifully. Oh my god, you are just a glass. Why are you so expensive? I only need more than thirty glasses! Knowing this already, no matter how bad-looking you were at the beginning, I definitely don't touch the damn glass.

No matter how good the acting is, the wallet is not guaranteed

Unexpectedly, the boys also saw the post and replied:

,早就看到你了,短头发很可爱,看得好像是电工的书, 就看了一会儿 ,然后就摸出一本小说看, 你看电工书看得认真多了 ,然后开始看我的杯子,刚开始还以为你在看我呢,我出去上个厕所,你对着杯子傻笑,回来的时候还对着杯子傻笑,大概是爱上我的杯子了吧…… The girl who broke my cup intentionally didn't play info at all. As a result, my roommate just showed me this. Is your acting bad? Okay , I saw you already. The short hair is very cute and looks like an electrical I read the book for a while , and then came up with a novel to read, more seriously than you read the electrician book , and then began to read my cup, at first I thought you were watching me, I went out to the toilet You smirked at the cup, and smirked at the cup when you came back, probably you fell in love with my cup ...

I did not expect that you came across and knocked it out. The action of slamming clothes was obvious. I didn't want you to lose my cup. I just wanted you to actively add me to WeChat. As a result, yesterday you did not speak to me on WeChat, and I was embarrassed to take the initiative. How do you start? I'm looking for you to lose the cup, so it seems that I'm too stingy, so don't lose my cup. I read your circle of friends and said that I want to see beauty and the beast, how about watching a movie?

The following are the details of the post, please pay attention to check:

I just want to say ... seeing these comments, I admire the brains of my friends ...

Mr. Slowly: Wait a moment, it ’s true love if you break it! Send me a hot comment.

Asibah bang: Come, friend, let's fall. Friends, toss it.


,活该单身。 Shadow stealers: I glanced at my thermos and deserved to be single.

Bracken oni: ha ha ha ha, no wonder there is no boyfriend, people use thermos cups! !! !!

My heart is faint, and Bai Fan is standing: I broke my three cups at the same table in the senior year.

” Fun-loving monkey: In the future, if there is someone you like, go to him and say, " Friend, do you drop the cup? "

,我该怎么办,看到这个我很慌。 Dencuanr: My glass was shattered by my roommate . What should I do? I was panicked when I saw this.

汏 Cousin: The glass is set.

Master Bayi of MENSAO: Looking at my stainless steel vacuum insulation cup, I realized.

The following is the "glass" you most want to buy !!!

Old summer

How much is that glass? ? ? Please leave your answer in the message area.

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