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How many reinforcements can you use for autistic children?

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的康复训练过程中,遇到孩子不听话、注意力不集中的情况总是在所难免的,为了消除一些孩子的问题行为或者诱导孩子做出家长或老师期待的动作,就会选用强化物,但是为孩子选择强化物,你能用对几个? Introduction: In the process of rehabilitation training for autistic children , it is always inevitable to encounter children who are disobedient and inattentive. In order to eliminate some children's problematic behaviors or induce children to make the actions that parents or teachers expect. , You will choose a reinforcement, but for your child, how many can you use?

When choosing reinforcements for autistic children, many parents will fall into a misunderstanding that reinforcements are toys and foods that children like, such as eating, drinking, and some weird toys that children like. Child's fortification.

In fact, fortifiers can be divided into "direct fortifiers" and "indirect fortifiers", and many parents pay too much attention to the use of "direct fortifiers" when they use their fortifiers. It is enough to cause many children not to participate in training without eating, and to use what they want as a tool for parents who want to seduce.

还可以包括这些内容 Enhancements can also include these :

In the process of using reinforcements for autistic children, you should slowly transition from "direct reinforcements" to "indirect reinforcements", such as adults' language (wow, you are awesome!), Actions (upright big Thumbs), praise and affirmation on the expression (smile), choosing to use the appropriate reinforcements will not only make the child make great progress, but also improve the child's "internal motivation".

Action 1: warm embrace

Research by the famous American psychologist Dr. Herold Fuss has found that it can make people closer. As your child progresses, if you feel that your language is too pale, then say nothing, open your warm arms, give your children a big hug, and let your child feel the temperature of your parents in your arms. This will bring great affirmation and glory to the child.

Action 2: Touch and kiss

Touching and kissing is a psychological and emotional need of the child, and a body language way for parents to convey appreciation and love. When the child encounters difficulties in the training process, the mother's affectionate touch is to tell the child that the mother is not afraid of him; a kiss of the mother when the child is improving is the greatest encouragement and love for the child.

Action three: thumbs up

The phrase "you are awesome" and a thumbs up are infinite compliments to the child, but it should be used at the right time. For example, the child has completed a difficult action, full of joy, and the family ’s sentence " "Baby is awesome" will give children unlimited confidence.

Action 4: Cheering high five

In the institution, we often see teachers and children cheering and high-fiving. The children complete a movement and happily ran to the teacher and the teacher high-fiving. They are telling the teacher "I'm great" with confidence, so whether parents can learn This action, a high-five, "awesome" simple action conveys the exciting power, which is the parent's response and praise to the child's hard work.


Conclusion: The transition from "direct reinforcement" to "indirect reinforcement" is a slow process. Parents should carefully observe and discover the child's interest and motivation in this process, and clarify the child's inner needs Be the most suitable reinforcement for your child.

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