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Green Tea Sound Picture: Acacia River

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Worm Eats the World

Qianmo Hongchen, the heart meets, the feelings are related, there is no regret in this life. The fate is shallow, the song ends and the acacia becomes a river! Curtains rolled in the westerly wind, the sun reflected on the cold water, and the moon fell over the west window, and sadness climbed into the eyebrows. Looking back suddenly, full of thoughts and sorrows, I shed tears of Acacia tears, thought about it carefully, sad and happy, and suddenly filled with Acacia resentment. Yue Shouxing thin solo pipa language, who remembers Feng Ji Binghan's heart? Countless red, dead leaves scattered, and finally sighed a scene of wounds, wind and snow, flowers in dreams, woke up and provoked.

Divine Crisis 4.3

The heart is full of tears, time flies, you and I have lost the passing years, the feelings are lingering, the years are mottled, and time will not be reversed. In the blurred vision, you walked towards me softly, how much lingering and sadness in the eyes, like the dew of the morning light, more heartbreak, more desolation. Shao Hua went to find nowhere, and the lonely shadow became tears. My heart rain, your tears, converge into an acacia river, the rushing water flows through the bottom of my heart, through my dreams, through spring, summer, autumn and winter, through this life and the next life!

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