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No unfair work (deep text)

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Li Shaotang, a former general manager of Oracle Taiwan, said: "It is a capability to be scolded." Yes, whether you want to accept it or not, this is the reality. In the face of grievances, you really don't need to pay too much attention to the eyes of others, just remember to always be responsible to yourself.

人生在世,注定要受许多委屈,面对各种委屈时,在学会一笑置之,超然待之的同时,更重要的是要学会转化势能。 "My heart is full of grievances." When you are alive, you are destined to suffer a lot of grievances. When you face all kinds of grievances, you learn to treat them with a smile and stay aloof, and more importantly, learn to transform potential energy.

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Author | Darling

No job is unfair

Recently, a child who just graduated asked me if you could tell me:

  • What should I do if I have encountered a difficult job when I first entered the workplace?

  • And how to adjust the mentality of transitioning from campus to professional?

  • The other is that when I started working, my income was not high. How to solve the problem of survival?

At this moment, I saw that someone in the circle of friends posted a status saying that ten years later, if you look back at this moment today, everything you encounter is not a problem, really.

Then I replied to him, Where does it take ten years?

A year's scenery is enough to make you feel that mountains and rivers are full of right and wrong.

First, go through the hard times, remember the good

But after thinking about it for a while, I deleted the line just typed out, and then I typed out a few other words to reply to him: no job is unjust.

This sentence is not what I said. It was many years ago when I watched an issue of "Life in Art" that I interviewed Liu Ruoying, my favorite milk tea. Zhu Jun asked her why you can always give people a kind of calmness and calmness. Feeling, aren't you anxious when you encounter problems in your life?

Liu Ruoying's answer is that it is because I know that there is no work that is not wronged.

Many people know that Liu Ruoying was her master before her debut and was the assistant of the famous musician Chen Sheng. Liu Ruoying has to do almost everything in the record company, even to wash the toilet. She and the other assistants wash the toilet a week. The division of labor is 135 and 246. The other assistant's name is Takeshi Takeshi.

Second, all you can show is action and attitude

When we first entered the workplace, we had to learn the basic workplace rules and be familiar with the necessary skills in our job as soon as possible. I dare say that those things we learn in universities are basically not used when the working environment is reached. .

At this time, one's learning ability and comprehension are the biggest competitiveness . Of course, besides that, it is more about the adjustment of our mentality. This matter is so small that I should not say hello to colleagues next door. For example, what the direct leader has arranged for me conflicts with the company's process rules. What should I do?

Have you found out that at this time you are like a child groping alone in the dark , no family, no teacher, no brothers and sisters can ask, a group of strangers around the expressionless shuttle through the hallway and aisle in the office, like a movie Here's a quick shot, the scene behind you is changing rapidly, and you stay alone in solitude.

I am a slow-heated person myself and my introverted personality, so my state in the first year of the workplace is very sloppy. This state is that I myself often work in my seat while being dazed. At this time, colleagues around me Or when the leader calls me, I always take a long time to respond, and then "Oh", at this time the leader has gone far.

Of course, on the other hand, they will not force you to criticize you for doing something wrong. This kind of unhappy or unhappy state, or the so-called professional mature person.

So it is because of this seemingly unrecognized state that you will feel that you have not done well and you do not know what is right. Also, if you just sit in your seat and work, you need to deal with various colleagues.

,哪怕就是申请个印章,哪怕就是填一个流程审批表,一步步关卡让你觉得就像冒险游戏一样,只是这一场游戏里没有刺激好玩的那一部分,只剩下闯关的寸步难行了。 They are not good or bad, they only have the perception of whether they are compatible or not with your magnetic field, so you feel that sometimes it ’s very difficult to communicate with small things , even if you just apply for a seal, even if you fill out a process approval form, step by step Levels make you feel like an adventure game, except that there is no exciting part in this game. Only the difficult steps to get through.

Third, everyone is suffering, but you must take the initiative to learn

Love games

And I also start to know that the leader sitting in the office opposite me, he needs to consider the coordination status of the entire department every day, the CEO who comes out early and late every day, he needs to convince investors of various prospects and trends, and he also needs to meet To various intricate media relations and various other dealings with relevant Chinese departments.

The uncle in this second may be the grandson in front of others in the next second.

Fourth, entrepreneurship is more wronged than work

There have been many friends around me who have started a business recently. I used to think this was a great thing, but I also started to look at these things dialectically over time.

Most of the entrepreneurs who have ideas, ideas, and strategies are gradually improving step by step.

The other part came out purely for the so-called "no more tired than dogs in the company". When I formed the team myself, I found that there are not hundreds of difficulties, but difficulties without an end point. .

Because the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is not only to support yourself, but also a group of people under you.

So those thoughts that they had longed for "there is more freedom as a boss" were instantly gone. There is no absolute freedom in this world, but a performer dancing with a chain on his feet.

I met a Beijing entrepreneur on a startup forum. His circle of friends is trying to execute a plan while fighting himself. One day I saw him still working overtime, so I asked him, you Is it worth the hard work?

His answer was, I knew from the beginning that as an entrepreneur, you must have a visionary vision and vision, and you must have a desk and chair that can be bent down as an IKEA porter to decorate, and a variety of similar garbage cleaning Migrant worker mentality, otherwise you should not talk about starting a business.

He also told me whether you are an entrepreneur or a professional.

You will find that each stage has a corresponding puzzle, and each character has a corresponding puzzle.

This world will not make you more bitter because you are a part-time worker, nor will you wait for you to become a boss. Your bulls will be more bitter . Those Nasdaq bells are suffering Forcing, is never written in the illusion packaged by the media.

Well, in my principle of judgment, he belongs to that type of rational entrepreneur. Even if this kind of person cannot go on the road of entrepreneurship, and his role is changed to a professional person, he will not be bad. people.

Fifth, they are insisting on a better life

We can't change others, but at least we can master the basic etiquette in ourselves.

Once a girl who was massaged told me that she would not return to her hometown next month, so I asked her why she said that her younger brother had just been admitted to the university last year and needed to pay tuition fees. Working now, my hometown's economy is better, so I don't want to work so nightly here.

Later, I gradually discovered that every time I went to this beauty shop, the girls who massaged changed their faces.

So I started to understand that, like me, they were slowly transitioning from newcomers to mature ones, and after solving the basic survival problems, they went to find a better way out, so another group of newcomers came in, and so on.

6. Don't be extravagant, just slowly get better

Of course, if someone is on the same road with you, then this grievance may become a bit lighter, like the one that my favorite uncle said in the circle of friends last night. Chatting with an expert, the biggest gain is not What tips were gained, but knowing which detours to avoid.

By the same token, these people here, and maybe I have a little qualification to be the identity of another wave of people, all I can tell you is that there is no job that is not wronged .

With this in mind, perhaps our expectation for the so-called "will get better" is no longer an extreme pursuit. We must present the materialized things immediately, but a kind of subtle progress and better .

After all, no matter what age you are in, growing up is a matter of life in our souls.  

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