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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Man of thunderbolt

者通达从容, The violinist is at ease,

者筹谋睿智; Chess players plan for wisdom;

者至情至性, The writer is passionate and sexual,

者至善至美; Good painters are perfect;

者韵至心声, The good poet is full of heart,

者情逢知己; Good drinkers love each other;

者陶冶情操, Tea- savvy cultivates sentiment,

者品性怡然。 The good flower person has a pleasant character.

[One] Qin

丨 Good musicians are calm and easy 丨

A hundred years of confidante,

Exhausted the red dust to stay famous.

Luo Yanping Shashi Shizhi,

Yuyu landscapes ask Xinning.

Flick the melody three points drunk,

How many woke up to break the strings?

Even though there is so much truth,

Does anyone listen during the child's absence?

[Two] chess

丨 Good chess players plan for wisdom 丨

Silent smoke rises,

Black and white stray clouds and rain.

Looking at the strategy,

Concentrate on dark circles.

The mountains and rivers are endless,

Lu Zhuanfeng returned to another day.

Dreams of life between square inches,

Think again and feel happy.

[Three] books

丨 The best writer is the most emotional 丨

No fragrance and no fragrance,

Shi Yanyan Fei ink dyeing pond.

Spreading Dragon and Snake Pan Jiuqu,

鸾 翔凤 翥 舞 三江.

Deep in the mountains of Lushan,

Human face peach blossoms against the wall.

Iron painting silver hook book eternal,

Spring and Autumn, everything is hidden.

[Four] painting

丨 Good painters are perfect 丨

Yunyu mountains and rivers plain paper,

Xiaofeng enters the China Chapter.

A thousand volumes of Qian Qiuyun,

The colorful melts a few degrees.

The sound of mountain roads rustling and snoring,

The boat is painted on the banks of Xuexi Pavilion.

Who stays in spring,

Only Danqinghua Yongxiang.

[Five] poems

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丨 Good poet's charm to the heart 丨

Scrutinizing the new article,

The love of poetry soul is almost epileptic.

Chao Fu is parting and sad,

Mu Yin met with laughter and pity.

Spring flowers and autumn rain make up the rhyme,

Xiaoyue Hanshuang joined the league.

Forget the good words, so

Tang Feng has no idea.

[Six] wine

丨 Good wine lovers confidant 丨

A touch of light fragrance,

Xinghua Village delivers fragrance.

Do n’t be bound to be boundless,

Friends drunk and crazy.

Often accompanied by comrades on the moon drink,

Followed the Mo Ke around the poem.

The End of the World

I love Jinxiang the most.

[Seven] flowers

丨 The good flower person has a pleasant character 丨

The bottom of dead branches is waiting for Xinyang,

In the end, the love is dark and dark.

Red Cheek Shy Peeping Butterfly Dance,

Zhu Lip quietly sang and was busy.

Inviting the Spring Garden Show,

Capture the breeze and fragrance.

There is no regret in the dust,

Freshmen see Xingchang from this.

[Eight] tea

丨 Tea cultivating sentiments 丨

The bottom of dead branches is waiting for Xinyang,

In the end, the love is dark and dark.

Sun and Moon Essence

Meditation bathing is not brazen.

Thousands of rivers quietly melt,

Dark Run Millennium fragrance.

The idle wind outside the window follows the warm and cold,

Qingyou from the pot is fragrant.

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