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"Extraordinary Mission": tough guys coming, this will be the next "Mekong"?

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Extraordinary Mission

庄文强再度联手推出的新作, 3月31日上映。 "Extraordinary Mission" is a new work jointly released by Mai Zhaohui and Zhuang Wenqiang , which will be released on March 31 . They are the "ace combination" of Hong Kong films and have created a series of classic movies such as "Infernal Affairs" and "Overheard".

等主演,个个实力派演员,黄轩和段奕宏两位硬汉的表现特别出彩。 This new film starring Huang Xuan, Duan Yihong, Lang Yueting, Zu Feng, Wang Yaoqing, and other powerful actors, Huang Xuan and Duan Yihong performed particularly well.

"Extraordinary Mission" reproduces the classics of "Infernal Affairs". Huang Xuan starred as an undercover drug policeman. He is proficient in fighting, physical fitness, and skillful shooting, subverts the image of "National First Love", and perfectly performs a fierce tough guy.

Huang Xuan, who is accustomed to playing the male and female god, has made a breakthrough appearance in the anti-drug tough guy. He has experienced the same physical abuse as the character. Not only was he tortured by torture, torture, torture in the play, but also in the damp and hot Thailand Tortured.In addition to external grinding, Huang Xuan also performed an undercover struggle: "He is the loneliest."Hovering between black and white, always experiencing the contradiction of identity dislocation, "Even if you wake up in a nightmare, remember who you are . " Huang Xuan broke out this year, with three major productions a year. "Extraordinary Mission" is his new action movie.

Although Huang Xuan's domineering performance in "Mu Yun Ji" made me see him differently, I didn't expect him to challenge the action actor so soon. It is worthy of the faction famous for its wide play.

Huang Xuan tried his own risks, but further discovered the larger conspiracy hidden behind the group. In order to destroy these evils, Huang Xuan not only unfortunately became addicted to drugs, but also was threatened repeatedly by the group boss.

However, this is his "extraordinary task".

Earlier we mentioned tough guys, the first reaction should be Schwarzenegger or Uncle Hugh's European and American strong men with muscular lines.

Muscle development seems to be the basic condition for tough guys.

Wolverine as Uncle Hugh

Huang Xuan has always been Wen Binbin's impression before, but according to the performance in the trailer, this time Huang Xuan really shows the true toughness.


First of all, as an actor in an action movie, his physical fitness must be high, otherwise how can he crack down on criminals?

Huang Xuan's disaster in the trailer also showed everyone his excellent skills.

Whether it is jumping

Car war

Just talk, don't worry

Not to mention that as an undercover, he is destined to be more troubled.

From time to time

Battleship Girl R Valkyrie

I'm going to be bombed at every turn

Just watching the trailer wanted to pay him a tribute.

I can still insist on fighting after experiencing dangers, and transform into the "meat shield" of steel and iron. This is not something anyone can do.

Hand hard

Of course, being physically tough is just the basic requirements for being a tough guy in action movies. If you want to become a qualified tough guy, you must meet other requirements.

And Huang Xuan let me know, he is not only rigid, but his means is more rigid.

In the trailer, he was so proficient in combat fighting that he was completely shocked to me.

When riding a motorcycle to fly out of the window, I feel handsome.

I was particularly impressed by a clip.

When Huang Xuan was pointed at the back of the gun, if the normal development followed, what would normally interrupt the gunman's attention so that the protagonist could have a chance.

But I did not expect Huang Xuan to do the opposite, relying on his superior skills, one second to defend.


But the above is appearance, after all, a real tough guy has a hard heart. In particular, as an undercover agent, Huang Xuan went deep into drug dealers' nests, and required tough will and a strong heart. In the trailer, Huang Xuan fully explained his "hard-hearted" interpretation.

Huang Xuan confronted the boss of the group (Duan Yihong) several times in the trailer, but his domineering did not fall behind. A few opponents played down, it seemed more "ruthless" than Duan Yihong.

When he was threatened and abused by Duan Yihong, he did not waver at all.

And because of poisoning by the public, it has suffered the unimaginable pain of ordinary people. In such an extreme environment, Huang Xuan still firmly believes that the organization has accomplished this "extraordinary task." It can be said that Huang Xuan interprets the essence of the tough guy with his "hard" heart.

For Huang Xuan, this "three hard" redefines the tough guy and completely breaks through the previous literary male god image. Fighting at the muzzle, dancing on the blade. Walking undercover between black and white is the most dangerous occupation in the world. But facing the undercover who was not afraid of death, "who's head will be facing the muzzle next time?".

"In addition to facing the test of life and death, the undercover must be psychologically tortured. Although he hates drug dealers, he has to talk to them with laughter and go to the" last feast ". There can be no outbreak of anger. Tolerance can be a major event. The true meaning of the word "undercover."

Different from the previous "Mai Zhuang" works, the action drama of "The Extraordinary Mission" is comprehensively strengthened, the explosive action scene and the hard-bodied style have the sense of sight of "Operation on the Mekong".

Street shootouts, crazy chasing cars, roof chasing, bloody fighting, etc., stimulate thrilling action scenes, seeing the blood of people expanding and hormonal explosion. How can such a dynamic action movie be missed!

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