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Black tea drank well, no trouble in spring.

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As a healthy drink, black tea has the effects of anti-oxidation, delaying aging, strong bones, relaxing blood vessels, nourishing the stomach and stomach, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, detoxification, refreshing heat, diuretic, refreshing fatigue.

Tea polyphenols are antioxidants that have a broad spectrum of antibacterial properties. EGCG、茶色素等具有较强的抗病毒作用,它能够帮助人体抵抗外界病毒的入侵,远离疾病侵扰。 Tea polyphenols in black tea, such as EGCG and tea pigments, have strong antiviral effects. It can help the body resist the invasion of external viruses and keep away from diseases. Some scientists have used black tea extract to prove the preventive effect of black tea against colds.

In addition, the flavonoids contained in black tea have strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, can make the influenza virus lose its infectivity, and have a positive effect on preventing colds.

Black tea also has the effects of clearing heat and promoting hydration, diuretic and swelling, and eliminating fatigue. It is mainly reflected in its ability to promote the metabolism of the human body, accelerate the metabolism of the human body by promoting the excretion of sodium and water, and toxins can be quickly excreted from the body.

However, it should be reminded that if you take medicine during a cold, it is recommended not to drink tea. Drinking tea with certain medicines may reduce the efficacy.

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The sun is shining, the spring is blooming, and the season of travelling can be troubled by a cold? People with cold constitutions drink more black tea daily to prevent colds. People with hot constitutions may wish to gargle with black tea to prevent colds.

You and your friends are welcome to come here to drink tea, chat, chat about life and taste life.

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