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I went to buy a car today

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Bought a car today

I feel a little tired from walking to work

Want to buy a better bike

I went for a look at 2000 yuan

The person next to me said

In 2000, it ’s better to buy some electric cars

Then asked the price of electric vehicles

3000, decided to buy

But was told that it ’s better to buy more scooters

So looking at the motorcycle, 5000, decided to buy

I was told that the small pedal is not safe

Better to buy a big motorcycle

So look again

Big motorcycle cost 8000, decided to buy

Pick up

I found that I was close to 1w

Unexpectedly, I heard that 1w can buy a used car

So I bought a car

Pick and go, second-hand Jetta will be nearly 3w, decided to buy

But next door Chery said that 3w can buy their new car.

Chery bought Chery

Sit up and sit a little crowded, it doesn't matter.

Add money for A3, I think the car is short

Go see Tiggo again

Down to count more than 10w, it is better to buy a joint venture.

Fancy polo. Was told that it was a short match.

Go to book golf. People said that they would increase their prices.

Gritted his teeth and decided to buy CRV.

It's about the same price as golf anyway.

Jiang Xuchang

As a result, I heard that Tiguan seems to be around that price.

Go to Tiguan.

Unexpectedly the new passat. Decided to buy.

At the price, it seems that you can buy Audi

Then he regretted going to see the Audi a4.

Ready to pay, a jeep free light opened at the door

It looks good, and asks how much the price is not bad.

change! Go to the jeep shop.

I met an acquaintance while ordering a car

He said you fucking bought the car for 50w

Why not buy a Land Rover in one step?

Makes sense! So I went to see the aurora

Satisfied with the shape, decided to buy

Consulting unit driver

Was told that off-road performance is not as good as Prado, the price is only 9w

it is good! Buy Prado! Go to Toyota

Seeing Prado feels ugly

Mom's Grit To Buy Rand Cool Road Ze ~

I rely on more than 100 w, no longer buy suv

Buy a BMW 7 Series! ...


In the end he saw a Rolls-Royce.

When I booked a car, I was so happy

Just sit up and remember

There are only two thousand

Driver ’s license has not been tested

Damn, I'm here to buy a bike!

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