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Love in Waterloo // Chapter 10 of "Little Town Girl"

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Need for perspective bodyguards

At that time, almost every girl was compared to Jane Eyre, and every boy was Mr. Rochester.



From Snake City to Liancheng, Yan Ge and Liu Degang sat side by side on the 5378 train. Yan Ge looked out the window, and Liu Degang took out a textbook and raced against the clock to prepare for the next day's retest.

Who is Liu Degang? He is a classmate of Yan Hien University. Two people did not say a word for four years, and one month before the postgraduate entrance examination, Liu Degang suddenly borrowed postgraduate notes from Yan Ge. He had originally applied for Peking University, but the more he got worse at the back, after borrowing Yan Geen's postgraduate notes, he decided to apply for the same school as Yan Geen-Beijing Normal University. Yan Ge didn't expect that Liu Degang would be able to pass the exam. It was just one more person to do cannon fodder, so he lent him the postgraduate notes generously. Unexpectedly, this guy ended up on the national score line, and English just scratched the edge. What was even more unexpected was that Liu Degang told her the transfer information of Liancheng University. No, with Liu Degang's accompaniment, the two people boarded the northbound train together.

Liu Degang had a national character face, which was quite modest, and at first glance he looked inconspicuous; a closer look revealed that his two eyes were narrowed because of myopia, as if printed on a piggy bank to insert coins Small mouth. But perhaps because of the company of Liu Degang, who seems to be dispensable and indifferent, there is one less desolation on the way to the north. We must know that the difference between Beijing Normal University and Liancheng Normal University is, in the eyes of young people in their early twenties, the difference between heaven and earth. If this line is to go to school at Beijing Normal University, then Yan Geun would be as happy as if she had her own gongs and drums, banging on the road to happiness. As a matter of fact, Yan Ge then looked out the window quietly, just like when she went to Yangzitang University for the first time to report, as if she had gone to the "purgatory" in Dante's novel. The four-year "purgatory" of the precious university, the "purgatory" in the end, it will be another three years. By this time, Yan Ge was 22 years and 7 months old.

When he was about to stand, Liu Degang picked up his luggage like an "dynamite bag" with one hand, and the other hand came to pick up Yan Yan's luggage. Yan Ge busy said: I will do it myself. But Liu Degang already carried Yan Ge's luggage indiscriminately, and firmly carried it on his shoulder, as heroic and mighty as Uncle Dong Cunrui was preparing to blow up the bunker.

Yan Ge couldn't help but ask weakly: can you?

Liu Degang said: Hey, a piece of cake.

After a short pause, Liu Degang said: you go ahead.

Yan Ging no longer murmured, walking in front of her silently, looking back and looking at Liu Degang and her luggage from time to time.

Arriving near Liancheng Normal University, Yan Geen and Liu Degang went for lunch together. Two people talked about literature. When I finally talked about myself, Liu Degang said: I think Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre is just like me. Yan Ge trembled a little, Mr. Rochester, wasn't that her idol? When eating and preparing to check out, Yan Ge said AA, but Liu Degang paid all the expenses alone.

The next step is to find a place to live. In order to save money and facilitate communication, Yan Geen and Liu Degang reached a tacit understanding, and the two of them lived in a double room. For three consecutive nights, the two parties were polite, respectful and respectful, and at last they were all at ease.

After adjusting things, carrying luggage, eating, sharing the dormitory, Yan Ge slowly felt that Liu Degang was still a gentleman.


After becoming a graduate student of the School of Humanities of Liancheng Normal University, Yan Ge not only did not feel happy, but felt more heavy-hearted. The tuition fee of more than 6,000 yuan a year, and the living expenses must be borne by themselves. This graduate student reads like "tradition for glory", with loved ones hurting and enemies fast. It's all about money. Some people are happy and happy because she is publicly-payable. For example, a female graduate student in classical philology who lives in the bedroom next door to Yan Ge, named Li Qiuxiang, looks like the heroine in the movie "The God of Food" by Chow Xingchi, with straw-like yellow curly hair. , A bite. Even Liu Degang once could not help but say that such an ugly girl is unlikely to marry. But Li Qiuxiang's life just happened to be pleasant. They were also graduate students admitted to Liancheng Normal University. Everyone in the village gathered to celebrate the only graduate student in the village. The village lights up all the way and farewell to Li Qiuxiang. Li Qiuxiang reads books without spending a penny at home. He doesn't have to work hard to find a part-time job. He spends his free time in the dormitory every day and reads a book. When he gets tired of reading, he takes a mirror and dabs his strange and ugly face every day. The nostrils are facing the sky, the blood basin is wide open; passers-by are horrified at the sight, but no one is willing to say that she is not good-looking in front of her, but praise each other heartily. Since then, Li Qiuxiang himself is intoxicated every day. But then again, Li Qiuxiang is not stupid, so she is intoxicated, she is never ostentatious, and she is also humble and low-key, so everyone does not seem to hate her. However, Li Qiuxiang didn't talk about her boyfriend. In the first place, no one chased her. In the second place, she also knew herself well. Although she dresses herself up every day, she also knows that she is not the one that boys like, so there are very few. Flirting with the boys, only care about doing their own thing. In the last semester of Research 3, Li Qiuxiang talked about love with a 30-year-old male teacher Liu Wendong, a graduate student with a master's degree, through a friend's introduction. Liu Wendong has wealth and looks, that is, a conservative temperament and a strong virgin complex. Li Qiuxiang, who has never been in love, bought a train ticket at his own moment, took a carefully selected gift, took a train of ten hours from Liancheng, and went to Confucius University to visit a prospective boyfriend. Liu Wendong was moved by Li Qiuxiang's deep affection and sincerity. He didn't think Li Qiuxiang was ugly. He married Qiu Xiang after six months together. On the day of the cave room, Qiuxiang was so pained that she survived, leaving a large piece of blood on the bed. However, Liu Wendong rejoiced with tears in his eyes, vowed to be good to Qiu Xiang all his life. After marriage, Qiu Xiang gave birth to a white fat boy, and lived at home with clothes to stretch out his hands and to open his mouth.

Yan Hien, who was with Qiuxiang, was thinking of finding a part-time job as soon as she entered the school. On this day, she saw an advertisement for sales staff on campus. After calling and contacting, she was introduced step by step to the "Abyss" of Amway Direct Sales. This time, more than half a year, Yan Ge met all kinds of characters, and the director of her campus is a female teacher named Weng Hong from the Department of Physical Education of Liancheng Normal University. Almost all student members of Liancheng Normal University are under her control. These students, and their teacher Weng Hong, are dreaming of getting rich one by one, eager for wealth and freedom. However, Yan Ge, whose family is poor and spending huge amounts of money, also very much hopes to be self-reliant and contribute to the family's economy. No one in the family cares what book you read. They just hope that Yan Hien, who reads it, can make more money. Whether it is a graduate student or an undergraduate student, the value of these "degrees" in the minds of ordinary people is related to money and social status. If you are a graduate student, if you cannot make money and live a miserable life, it is useless and a waste of money. No wonder, during the Chinese New Year, Yan Ge's younger brother scolded Yan Ge angrily: you twenty-three-year-old man.

Yan Ge entered Amway's "Abyss" in this way, and had great fantasies about Amway's marketing model. Although she is not used to the false atmosphere in Amway's environment, she insists on going to Amway every day. So she often returns to the dorm at 12pm. The graduate dormitory usually locks its doors at 11 pm, so every night, Yan Ge must turn over the wall to return to the dormitory. For a long time, her roommates had opinions on her.

Enlightened and inspired by Amway culture, she also brought Liu Degang into Amway's classroom. Liu Degang accompanied Yan Ge every time. Although he was not used to the bloody fighting spirit and "excessive" enthusiasm of the Amway people, as long as Yan Geen called him, he would come every time.

Yan Geong devoted herself to developing her own career. Liu Degang said that she was willing to invest 4,000 yuan in Yan Geong. This made Yan Geong overjoyed and grateful. She seemed to think that her great business had been half done.

Yan Ge felt that Liu Degang was becoming more and more cordial. In his isolated cause, he even supported himself so much, and willingly offered himself a call. After this, Yan Geen went to Liu Degang for everything, and when he was okay, she went to Liu Degang to eat and eat. Yan Ge herself thought that Liu Degang was her brother. Perhaps Liu Degang pretended to be natural, or Yan Ge was paralyzed, and she forgot the naturally different inner needs and needs between men and women.

On this day, Liu Degang asked Yan Geong to go to the disc as usual. Before that, Yan Geen and Liu De had already visited it several times. But each time, the two people watched the dish very seriously and did not behave in any way. This made Yan Ge very relieved and trusted in Liu Degang. This time, Yan Ge thought it was the same as usual.

The two watched a lot of movies together, for example, based on Zhang Jie's prose, the movie "The One Who Loves Me Most in the World Goes" starring Sichen Gaowa, as well as "Da Hong Rice Shop", "Hong Kong Has A Hollywood" Wait for the movie. The owner of the rental dish often boasted that Yan Geen would choose the film and had a vision.

This time, two people watched Zhou Yu's Train. Perhaps halfway through the reading, Yan Ge unconsciously rested her head on Liu Degang's knee. Liu Degang suddenly pressed Yan Gin under his body, and their faces were close together. Three seconds after looking at each other, Liu Degang "opened his mouth" and asked Yan Geun: Do you like me?

Yan Geng sounded the same question she had asked Li Qingxiang. But she did not understand the meaning of Liu Degang's sentence. Yan Ging was silent.

Liu Degang also said: I like you. Do you like me?

Yan Ge looked at Liu Degang and said nothing. She thought, if you want to kiss me, let the horses come over, why is there so much nonsense.

The two sides remained silent for another three seconds. Liu Degang suddenly put down Yan Geen, got up and sat up.

Before the movie was finished that day, the two returned early.


Gan Zhiru

National Day has arrived and many graduate students have left the school. Yan Geen's dormitory was the only one left, and no one was next door.

Liu Degang came to Yan Hien's dormitory again. Both men stood and talked, two meters apart. Maybe he was tired, and Liu Degang sat on the chair. Yan Ge unknowingly approached Liu Degang. The two kept talking nonsense. Liu Degang suddenly grabbed Yan Ge's arm and pulled him. Yan Ge sat sideways on Liu Degang's leg, his face began to heat up. Five seconds later, Liu Degang had a frog-like mouth, put a chapter on Yan Ge's small mouth, and then immediately withdrew it. Yan Ge felt hot and humid for a while, and her mouth was slippery.

This chapter is just a prelude, but Yan Ge has been teased by him. Maybe Liu Degang could not bear it anymore. After today's temptation succeeded, the back was even bolder. Hot waves kiss, no interval, no more rest, row by row hit the past, the boat Yan Yan rides on, in the raging waves, has lost control, let the waves lead, suddenly up and down, and left and right Roll right, no time.

Liu Degang's hands were not idle, and while Yan Geyi was in a turmoil, he quietly and quickly occupied the Yufeng Heights, swaggering up and down, suddenly moving up and down, like a dragon, like a dragon. I don't know who it was, I played the pipa. The melodious pipa sound was loud and noisy like a torrential rain, and sometimes the little chords were like a whisper, and the little noisy and miscellaneous bullets, the big beads and small beads fell on the jade plate. Yan Ge seemed to be in the paradise world, as if every pore was soaking in the hot spring, leaving his mouth and hands to siege everywhere on her body. Take it, take it all, as if this is no longer her body.

Liu Degang's hands succeeded in Yufeng Lin's adventure, and he also "snapped" the pink cherry garden, so he began to reach out to the other's secret garden. When stroking a furry jungle zone, he stopped suddenly, and the moving lute melody came to an end. Waking up from the Elysium dream, Yan Ge opened her eyes and saw the two narrow grooves on the storage tank. The two grooves stretched slightly to the sides, and the pink and thin frog mouth began to close together and spit out the fragrance of black toothpaste: I just tried you just now, but I didn't expect you to hold yourself so much. We must pay attention to Kazakhstan, Comrade Xiaoyan, we must be able to hold ourselves at critical moments.

Yan Ging saw a black needle-tip mole on the cheekbones on the right. Yan Ging touched the mole and said to Liu Degang: You have a rogue mole here, no wonder it is so.

Liu Degang laughed wildly.

Yan Ge couldn't help but suddenly "look at Liu Degang". Don't look at this guy's honesty of fashion, slow work, the unequivocal moment, the shot is fierce and accurate.

On New Year's Day in 2005, two months before Yan Ge's twenty-fourth birthday, Liu Degang asked Yan Ge to go to "Little Crescent" to sing. Singing to zero, the two opened a room outside. Liu Degang didn't calm down this time. When he got up, he went straight to the theme. Helpless little brother didn't get upset and had time to go in. Then the crippled spirit of spirit was completely destroyed. Hundreds of millions of children The small ocean that the confluence merged into, flowed all over the place.

Yan Ge was lying on the bed, looking at Liu Degang's wolverine like a queen. Liu Degang's two-line eyes pulled back as usual, and two blushes flew from the cheeks of the Guozi face. He chuckled and said: Hey, I can't find any place. Let me see? After talking, bury your head and see for yourself what the other's secret garden looks like. Yan Ge lifted one foot and stepped on Liu Degang's flat face gently, saying: There is a holiday coming underneath, blood dripping, don't look at it.

Liu Degang was a little reconciled. After a while, his little fellow hardened again, shouting to go in again. The little guy was so full of energy that he managed to probe into it. When Yan Geong was moved to panic below, suddenly a heat flow poured into her thighs. I saw that Liu Degang was pulling his head, and the sides of the frog's mouth were down, dejected.

After stopping for a while, Liu Degang suddenly asked: are you a virgin? Who gave it for the first time?

Yan Ge didn't lift her eyelids, but her heart was cold for a while. She thought that he thought he gave himself to the other party, and he would be grateful to himself and cherish himself, but he did n’t expect to make it too easy for the other party. Instead, he was not grateful or cherished.

Yan Ge suddenly remembered the love between Jin Fengyulu and Li Qingxiang that had already ended in the future, and she thought of this third-rate Lotus City Normal University, which would cost her thousands of tuition and living expenses every year, and thought of Amway Class The group of marketers with exaggerated and hypocritical smiles staring at the money in your pockets like vampires, remembering the first time that they and Liu Degang were unclear, unkind, and unloved in this dirty and dim room. She felt like a broken jar and fell into a broken place where she could not see the future. It was better to just break the jar and break it.

(Please pay attention to "One's First Love and First Night" in the next issue // "Street Girl" "Interlude 2")

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