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Shen Du (Deep Text)

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Be careful

As the saying goes, "Careful to support their virtues, diet to support their bodies",

"Cultivate yourself with clear heart as the most important thing, and prudent words first",

"Good words are warm in three winters, bad words hurt June cold",

"He does not mean that",

"The evil comes out of the mouth, and the suffering comes in." ...

All embody the wisdom of "careful words" and the consequences of "no cover".

Proceed with caution

Being cautious is a grace,

It is also chic and frank.

"Xing Jin can strengthen his aspirations, and Jin Jing can respect his virtues",

"Promises must be kept and action must be resolute",

"Cautiousness" undoubtedly reflects a person's constant self-improvement,

Those who understand "carefulness" must be ambitious.


"Caution" is not a manifestation of the behavior of small devices,

But not ignore the details,

It is a meticulous attitude towards things.

"Lao Tzu": "The world's difficult things must be done easily; the world's big things must be done carefully."

Under certain conditions, details often determine success or failure.


The world is bustling, all for profit; the world is bustling, all for benefit.

Seduction is everywhere,

Cautiousness is sitting in the face of beauty,

Facing money is not greed,

Facing ill-gotten gains is based on non-occupation.

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The ancients said: "Although the desire is inexhaustible, it can be approached; the desire cannot be gone, but the festival is also available."

In the process of pursuing personal desires, one should always maintain a contentment and contentment mentality, and not be a slave to desire. As Lao Tzu said, "To be content is not to be humiliated.


A true friend is a mirror. You can understand your shortcomings by looking in the mirror;

A true friend is also a book. If you turn the pages, you can learn something and gain something.

"Near Zhu is red, but black is black",

The biggest sorrow in life is to make friends accidentally.

Therefore, make friends with caution!


"Don't take evil for small things, don't take small ones for good." This is a very important question.

Good and evil are just a step away from one thought.

Taking the first step is difficult, and once taking the evil step,

The most likely outcome is to go to the abyss of evil.


"Lao Tzu" said: "If the end is careful, there is no defeat." It means: "Half-ninety for those who walk a hundred miles."

If he can be consistent and persistent, and in the end still demand himself as strictly as he did at the beginning, then his life will be safe and there will be no defeat at all.

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