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Beijing-style side dishes --- Mustard

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Chinese mustard is an authentic dish. Chinese cabbage is on the market, and when the New Year is approaching, many housewives who are particular about Beijing taste are going to make mustard. Chinese New Year eats greasy, change the taste, the mustard is the best. It's refreshing, delicious, and tired, and many people like it. And mustard Duner is also a must-have dish in the New Year's Eve in Beijing, known as the chief of the cold dish.冲味儿 ,痛快淋漓尽致地让人流出眼泪来,合不上嘴! The allure of Wasabi Duner is this " Chongweier " , which makes people burst into tears and can't close the mouth! It is popular to eat in winter and early spring. When eating, you must use clean chopsticks to clip the mustard sticks one by one, put them in a small dish, and pour some original soup. The taste is sour, sweet, crisp, spicy, and fragrant. Drinking a bite of the original soup is cool and hearty, and the spicy smell of wasabi mustard is immediately pleasant. After eating greasy foods, eating mustard sticks not only changed the taste, but the comfortable and pleasant energy was incredible!

约两三天才可食用,今天我就为大家分享一个速成版的一天就可食用的芥末墩儿。 Generally, it takes about two or three days to make the mustard piercing. Today I will share a quick version of the mustard piercing that can be eaten in one day.


200 克。 Ingredients: 200 grams of Chinese cabbage .

50 克、糖 10 克、盐 3 克、白醋适量 Excipients: 50g mustard powder, 10g sugar, 3g salt , white vinegar amount


1 Put the mustard powder in a bowl. Add hot water to make mustard paste.

盖上保鲜膜,坐在热水里小火保温约 5 分钟,等待芥末味慢慢挥发出来。 2 Cover with cling film, sit in a hot water for 5 minutes, and wait for the mustard flavor to slowly evaporate.

大白菜剥去外帮,取菜心的中部,切成 5cm 左右长的段。 3 Chinese cabbage stripped outside, take the middle of the cabbage, cut into 5cm long sections.

上煮开一锅水,不关火,取一个白菜墩儿放进漏勺,在开水里煮约 30 秒捞出沥干。 4 Boil a pot of water without turning off the heat, take a cabbage pier and put it in a colander, cook in boiling water for about 30 seconds and drain.

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卷成卷,放进干净的小砂锅中。 Roll into 5 rolls and put into a clean small casserole.

6 done one by one.

7 Put a layer of mustard paste on the cabbage pier.

8 Sprinkle another layer of sugar and salt.

9 Pour the right amount of white vinegar.

10 Prepare two larger leaves and simmer them.

11 Cover the mustard piers with the water-scented cabbage leaves.

2 天即可食用。 12 Close the lid of the casserole and serve immediately on the second day.  

叨唠; It is best to use a casserole. The casserole has better thermal insulation. The last leaves are also covered for thermal insulation.

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