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Announcement on the recruitment of professional teachers in the deaf-mute school in Xining, Qinghai in 2017

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2017 Xining Deaf-Mute School Recruitment Professional Teachers Announcement

Institutional Recruitment Exam Network March 17, 2017: According to the "Implementation Plan for the Recruitment of Professional Teachers in the Xining Deaf-Mute School", Xining Deaf-Mute School recruits six professional teachers to the public.

First, the recruitment process

The public recruitment examination will be conducted in accordance with procedures such as announcement, online registration, online qualification review, assessment and evaluation, physical examination, inspection, publicity, and employment procedures.

Application Scope

Qualified college graduates are openly recruited nationwide. Among them, in-service staff of public institutions that meet the recruitment requirements can participate in this recruitment with the consent of their own unit and the competent administrative department at a higher level.

Third, the admission plan

There are 3 deaf-mute Chinese teachers, 1 deaf-mute math teacher, 1 Pei-chi math teacher, and 1 special education physical education teacher.

Fourth, the admission conditions

(I) Basic conditions

1. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, abide by disciplines and laws, conduct good behaviors, and be physically and mentally healthy.

2. National education series graduated from full-time colleges and universities, completed all the courses required to obtain academic qualifications and degrees, all had satisfactory academic results, and their majors were suitable for recruitment positions.

(2) Post conditions

1. Special education degree or above. The time for obtaining the education is before December 31, 2016. The education must be verified on the "Xinxin.com" of the Ministry of Education, and the diploma certificate issued by the national education department should be obtained for the foreign diploma. Under 35 years of age (born after March 23, 1981).

2. Hold a teacher qualification certificate for elementary school and above (the qualification certificate is obtained before December 31, 2016).

3. Skilled in sign language.

V. Admission Methods

The assessment and evaluation method is used to evaluate the professional skills and comprehensive quality of the test takers. The assessment questions are closed by the experts under the supervision of the disciplinary inspection team assigned by the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission. The professional skills examination content is sign language translation and Children's rehabilitation skills demonstration, comprehensive quality assessment content for the defense and scenario simulation. The assessment and evaluation first carry out professional skills assessment. The candidates are drawn by lot to determine the sequence. After the professional skills assessment is completed, the candidates for comprehensive quality assessment will be determined according to the ratio of 1: 3 recruiting positions. The number of recruiting positions and the number of applicants cannot reach Candidates with a 1: 3 ratio and a score of more than 60 in the professional skills assessment can enter the next step. Both the professional skills and the comprehensive quality are based on a 100-point system. Of the total scores in the assessment, the professional skills examination accounts for 70% and the comprehensive quality assessment accounts for 30%. After the assessment, the results are announced on the spot based on the aggregated results.

Application method and time

(I) Registration method: Online registration.

(2) Registration time: March 24, 2017 to 8:00 on the 26th.


(3) Login website: Xining Personnel Examination Information Network (http://rsks.xnrsj.gov.cn/)

(IV) Mailbox for uploading scanned documents: xnsjyjjszp@sina.com

(V) Requirements: Candidates must carefully read the online recruitment announcement, follow the online registration requirements and the letter of integrity commitment, and truthfully submit the relevant information to complete the registration. Candidates need to scan the ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, student certificate, teacher qualification certificate, and sign language supporting materials in the form of “applicant major + name” and upload it to the designated mailbox. The incumbent staff of the public institution should also upload the relevant certificates of the unit's consent to apply for the examination. The deadline for submitting the materials for the consent to apply for the examination is before March 23. Candidates log in to the website at any time to pay attention to relevant information, otherwise they will bear the consequences. Candidates' mobile phones remained unblocked throughout the assessment period.

7. Policies and regulations

(1) The application materials submitted by applicants shall be true and accurate, and observe the examination discipline. Candidates who apply for fraud and violate the discipline of recruitment examinations are disqualified from applying. Qualification review will run through the entire recruitment process. Those who do not meet the eligibility criteria at any stage will be immediately disqualified.

(2) According to relevant state regulations on free normal students, this recruitment does not include free normal students in normal universities directly under the Ministry of Education.

(3) If the recruitment position and applicants fail to meet the 1: 3 ratio requirement, the competent department shall report to the public recruitment leadership office of the public institution to decide whether to reduce (or cancel) the recruitment plan for the position and retain the recruitment plan according to the job demand situation. Candidates with a score of 60 or more in the assessment of professional skills can enter the next step.

(4) According to the applicant's assessment and evaluation of the overall results, according to the 1: 1 ratio of recruitment positions, the overall examination will be performed from high to low. If the overall results are the same, the candidates will be ranked according to the level of the professional skills examination results.

(5) The medical examination is in the charge of the competent authority. The medical examination standards shall be implemented in accordance with the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants. Candidates who fail to participate in the medical examination due to personal reasons are deemed to have given up automatically. Entry examinations that meet the medical examination criteria. If there are vacancies when the medical examination is unsatisfactory, they will be replenished according to the overall performance of the same post from high to low.

(6) The inspection work shall be carried out by the competent department and the employer. Investigate the ideological and political qualities, moral qualities, compliance with laws and regulations, professional qualities, and personal integrity of the personnel to be hired. Highlight the examination of candidates ’political attitudes, political positions, and political performance in the anti-secession and anti-infiltration struggle, and conduct a key review of illegal and disciplinary activities such as participating in smashing and burning, gathering trouble, organizing incitement, and producing and disseminating illegal cultural products, Under serious circumstances, his employment qualification was cancelled in accordance with the law.

(7) Persons who have been subject to criminal punishment for crimes, persons who have been expelled from public office, and persons who are not permitted to be employed under other circumstances as prescribed by law shall not apply for the examination.

(8) On-the-job staff members of current institutions should strictly fulfill the contract period agreed with the hiring unit. Before applying for the examination, they must obtain the consent of the employer and the competent department before registering for the recruitment. Those who fail to provide written certification cannot apply for the examination.

(9) Employers shall implement a probation period system, with a probation period of six months, and the treatment during the probation period shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant policies of the state and Qinghai Province. Those who pass the assessment are included in the establishment management of the institution, and those who fail the assessment are dismissed.

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March 17, 2017

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