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Late Night Heart Sounds │ Moonlight

Public number: Enlightenment Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:39:23

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

The strongest city


Praise fun

This is a praise that describes the heart.

"Moonlight is like water" represents the compassionate teachings of the guru. "Baojing Yingyueying" means that we must transform ourselves into artifacts so that they can reflect the shadow of the moon, and the moon can be projected into it. "Clear streams, sound of drizzle, green bamboo and jade pavilion" means that many disciples appearing slowly. At this time, it was as if the spring flowers were blooming, and all the bamboo grew out. In this wonderful season where all good destinies come together, Master! Disciple meets you!


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The Six-character Great Ming Mantra

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One morning in 2009, she silently stared at Mercy Guanyin, prayed for all her life, and vowed reverently. Years later, it was reorganized into a song, and this blessing is dedicated to all beings!

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