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How many ancient titles have you learned from the age of 0 ~ 140?

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Zhigu Jianjin

0 years old

Degree: when children are born.

Akiko and Aya: Babies under the age of one.

Soup period: refers to the third day of the baby's birth. The old custom children were born three days ago, and they set up the "Breakcake Soup" for relatives and friends as well as "Breakcake Banquet" and "Breakcake Club".

1 year old

Tooth: Onomatopoeia, the sound of infant learning. If you learn the language, it means that the child starts to talk. Qing Yuan Mei's "Sacrifice for Sisters": "The two women have teeth and teeth, only after Zhou died," Zhou said, referring to the age of the baby.

2 years old

Child : Refers to young children who are still smiling and are still laughing, and refers to children 2-3 years old. There are also people who write "Children's Bag" or "Children's Bag", and Han Yu's poems have the sentence "two children each have children, and the children are like each other."

8 year-old

Total Corner: Teenagers aged eight or nine to thirteen or four. In ancient times, children divided their hair into left and right halves and tied them into a knot on the top of their heads.

Tong Yan [chèn]: Well, in Shuo Wen, there is a saying that "a man has teeth in August and he is eight years old; a woman has teeth in July and he is seven years old". It can be seen that the child's deciduous teeth fall off and grow permanent teeth, which is called "龀". "Childhood" refers to childhood and adolescence. There are also those who say "髫 龀", such as "Hou Han Dong Zhuo Chuan": "Although his children and grandchildren are in the dynasty, both males and females are princes, and females are Yijun.

Beginning and next year: girl is 7 years old.

Beginning and next year: Boy is 8 years old. According to the physical condition, the boy was eight years old and the girl was seven years old. He changed his teeth, removed his baby teeth, and developed permanent teeth. At this time, he was called "龀", "龆 年" or "髫年".

9 years old

Nine years old : 9 years old.

Yellow mouth: Under 10 years old.

Index year: 9 years old.

10 years old

Early childhood: 10 years old. "Book of Rites · Qu Li": "A decade of your life is called young school." Because there is no punctuation in ancient Chinese characters, people intercept the word "young school" as a ten-year-old pronoun.

Year of Foreign Fu: Child is 10 years old.

12 years old

Year of the Golden Eagle: The girl is 12 years old.

13 years old

Cardamom: Refers to women between the ages of 13 and 14 and 15 and 16. Cardamom is a kind of flowering plant in early summer. Early summer is not midsummer. It is a metaphor that people are not yet adolescents, so they are called "cardamom years".

Year of Wuxi: Juvenile thirteen to fifteen years old.

15 years old

And 笄 [jī]:笄, originally refers to the hairpin used in ancient times for hair. Ancient women generally turned up their hair after 15 years of age, and pinched them with a rafter to indicate that they were adults. "He Ji" is a woman who has reached 15 years of age.

Years of learning: Confucius said, "I have five of ten and am determined to learn, thirty of them stand, forty is not to be confused, fifty is of destiny, sixty is obedient, and seventy is what I want." ("The Analects of Confucius"). So future generations call the age of 15 "the year of learning".

Bunting: The man is fifteen years old. At the age of fifteen, the man had to dissolve the former horns and tie them together.

Year of Dance: Juvenile 15 to 20 years old.

Adult: 15 years old or older. Zheng Xuan: "Cheng Tong, fifteen or more."

16 years old

28: 16 years old.

Broken melon and jasper years: the woman is 16 years old. The ancient literati split the melon into two characters. "Popular Edit" in the cloud: "If Pinyan gave Zhang Ye 'Gong Cheng Dang in the year of breaking the melon', then he was eighty-six years old." "Popular Edition Women" "Song Xie Youpan's poem 'Break melon's small waist.' According to the custom, a woman breaks her body as a break melon, no matter what. The word melon breaks into two characters, saying it is 286 years old."

20 years old

Crown: Refers to a man who is 20 years old. In ancient times, a man was crowned at the age of 20, indicating that he was an adult.

Hair knotting: tied hair, tied hair, ancient male 20-year-old hair and crown, female 15-year-old hair and bun, indicating adulthood. The signs of adulthood for men and women are "crown" and "plus".

Weak crown: a man over 20 years old. The ancients performed the crown ceremony at the age of 20 to show adulthood, but their bodies were still weak, so they were called "weak crowns".

Tao Li Nianhua: The woman is 20 years old.

24 years old

Flower letter age : woman 24 years old.

30 years old

And standing (the year of standing): Confucius said, "I have five and ten am determined to learn, thirty is standing, forty is not confused, fifty is destiny, sixty is pleasing to the ear, and seventy is from my heart". ("The Analects of Confucius"). So future generations call 30 years old "the year of standing."

Starting room: 30 years old. "Book of Rites · Inner Rule": "There is room for thirty, and it starts with men."

Ke Zhuang: Just in his prime. Thirty years old was strong in ancient times. Tang Weizheng's "Finally Can't Overcome": "In the beginning of Zhen Guan, you always let go of Zhuang."

How to upgrade from hand to hand

Mid-old milfs: Women are 30 years old.

40 years old

Do not be confused (year of not bewildered): refers to a man who is 40 years old. Confucius said, "I have five in ten and am interested in learning, thirty in my standing, forty without confusion, fifty in my destiny, sixty in my ears, and seventy in my heart's desire, not exceeding the rules." )

50 years old

Ai: In ancient times, the 50-year-old person was called "Ai". "Book of Rites, Qu Li": "Fifty is Ai."

Half a hundred years of knowing fate, knowing fate: The age of knowing fate means 50 years old.

60 years old

Earshun, earshun year, year of returning calendar, year of flower armor: all mean 60 years old. Confucius said, "I have ten in ten and am determined to learn, thirty in the standing, forty without confusion, fifty in the destiny, sixty in the ear, and seventy in the heart." ("The Analects of Confucius for Political Affairs") So future generations call the 60-year-old a "year of earshot."

Senior Citizen: Regarding the age of the elderly, most of them refer to those over 60 years old.

Flower armor: ancient China used the dry branch to record time. There are ten heavenly stems, twelve earthly branches, ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches are arranged in order into sixty units, which are usually called "sixty flower armors", also known as "flower armors". When this time-keeping word is used to remember the age of a person, he refers to a person to the age of 60 by the term "year-old flower" or "year of the flower".

Lower life: refers to those over 60 years old.

耆 [qi]: The 60-year-old person was called "耆" in ancient times.

61 years old

Also Lishou: 61-year-old birthday. According to the year of the dry branch, the 60-year cycle is a round, and the 61-year-old is the time to start the new round, so it is called "returning the calendar".

70 years old

Years from the heart: Confucius said: "I have five and I am determined to learn, thirty are standing, forty is not to be confused, fifty is to know destiny, sixty is to be obedient, and seventy is to be willing. ("The Analects of Confucius"). So future generations call the 70-year-old a "year of conscience."

Years of rarity, years of suspension, and years of sticks: all mean 70 years old. Du Fu has a poem saying: "Alcohol debt is commonplace, and life is 70 years old and rare." Later generations followed this poem, calling 70 years old "the year of ancient rareness."

耋 [dié]: The age of seventy or eighty refers to old age.

77 years old

Xishou: Refers to 77 years old, cursive characters like seventy-seven, so specially refers to 77 years old.

80 years old

The year of Chao Mei, the year of Chao Zhi, and the year of 耄 [mao] 耋 [die]: All mean eighty or ninety years old.

Zhongshou: refers to those over 80 years old.

Umbrella life: 80 years old birthday. Because the grass shape of the "umbrella" resembles "eighty", it is called "umbrella life".

88 years old

Mishou: refers to 88 years old. Because the m word is opened like eighty-eight, it means 88 years old. In addition, it also means that although the age is high, the appetite is strong.

90 years old

Shangshou: Ninety is Shangshou.

Carp back: Carp is a kind of fish. The markings on the back are like wrinkled skin of an old man. In the twilight years, senile spots appear on the skin, such as the skin of frozen pears, so they are also called "frozen pears".

99 years old

Bai Shou: refers to the age of 99, and one hundred is one 99, so it refers to the age of 99.

100 years old

Qi Yi, the age of Yi Yi: refers to a hundred-year-old longevity. "Book of Rites · Qu Li": "Hundred Years Said Ji Yi." Zheng Xuan Note: "Yes, you still want; Yi, raise also. I do not know the taste of clothes, filial piety must do all they can to cultivate the Tao." Means: people to a hundred years old , Diet, habitation, animals and other aspects need filial sons to take care of, so "hundred years old" is called "Qi Yi".

Shangshou: Centenary

108 years old

Tea life: refers to 108 years old. The top of the tea word is 廿, and the bottom is eighty-eight. The two add up to 108 years old.

140 years old

Shuangxian and Shuangqing: 140 years old.

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