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Beautiful Story | What is the experience of a romantic woman?

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Sometimes at breakfast

In a slice of whole wheat bread

Seeing the word "romantic", does it come to your mind that on the beautiful seashore, a man proposes to a girl he loves with a rose? Yes, maybe most people will have such scenes in their minds, all about love, or all romantic scenes about love.


As before, I would think that the so-called "romantic" is the same, exists in love, between lovers, in such a glorious marriage proposal. However, life tells me that it exists in every bit of life, in your heart. 这,都是生活给予我们的浪漫。 It's just a movement, a smile, or a meeting ... It's the romance that life gives us.


The early spring ushered in, but Shanghai often showed its coolness. On your way home from work, you pass by the flower shop as usual. Not far away, a young girl, more than 20 years old, walked out of the flower shop, holding a bouquet of lilies in her hands. Although the little girl jumped away, the fragrance of the lily flower lingered on the tip of your nose for a long time. At this time, do you think such a scene is not romantic? Isn't this floral fragrance full of romance? As you can imagine, the little girl carefully placed the flowers in her boudoir, smelling the pleasant aroma and falling asleep, how romantic!


You may linger on the subway every day and night. Occasionally it is helpless to crowd people, but have you been touched by the "game" of a mother and child on the subway? Maybe you would say, I am a sensitive person. Yes, it does. That day, I saw a child, two or three years old, sleeping sweetly in the arms of my mother on the subway. Looking at this immature child, my uncle's sense of warmth came from unknown. The mother also looked at her child with a smile. Although the subway was crowded, the crowded subway could not erase the contentment and love on the mother's face. The mother looked at the sleeping child with affection, with a flower on her face. Are you moving in this warm and romantic scene? Is it true that the child's sleeping and mother's smile are romantic?

I just read the story of Lai Minhe and letting go of a boat. This was a profound move, with tears, but I inadvertently smiled. Lai Min has hereditary cerebellar disease. Maybe she doesn't know that one day, she will leave the world forever.1日,她和丈夫方一舟做了一个决定,两人骑着“小三轮”在中国的版图上走出一个“心型”。 On January 1 , 2015, she and her husband, Fang Yizhou, made a decision, and they rode a "small three wheel" out of a "heart shape" on China's territory. They said, "The scenery you wake up every day is different." This is their most happy expectation. Lai Min said the most common love words to Fang Yizhou, "I love you". And Yizhou said, "My favorite thing is to hold your face and look at your little mouth." Actually, the story was crying after reading it, it was moving, it was a pity, it was sad, or it was fortunate? I can't tell myself how I feel. However, I love this kind of romance, such a kind of "we wake up together every day and look at different scenery". Yes, it is a kind of romance between lovers, but it is even more a kind of "life and death relationship, talk with son Cheng" romance. The lyrics of such a song read: "The most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you."



Sometimes in glass bottles

In an elegant bouquet

Today, do you think your life is romantic?

The breeze blows, and your face is full of the coolness and comfort touched by the breeze. Do you feel romantic at this time?

The flowers are in bloom, and you look at that flower with a bright smile. Do you feel romantic at this time?

The willow sprouts, and you can't help but pick up your mobile phone. You can think that you can store such beauty forever. Do you feel romantic at this time?


Yes, life is so romantic and everywhere. In your eyes, in your heart, in this wonderful nature.


In the morning, your mother will prepare a loving breakfast for you and give you hot milk. After you finished eating, you didn't remember to say "Thank you" to your mother, but then think of it, wouldn't you smile? At this time, don't you think this is also a kind of romance?

In the afternoon, you and your colleagues are sitting on the balcony of the company, basking in the sun and talking about trivial matters besides work. The sun is so warm and my colleagues are harmonious. The sun shines on your face and your smile. At this time, don't you think such a wonderful conversation is also a kind of romance?

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At night, because you have been late for something, watching countless "missed calls" on your phone, you will smile, but also anxiously reply to your lover: "I will go home immediately". On the way home, you even feel that flowers bloom in your heart. Yeah, someone cares about you and loves you, this is also a kind of romance!


One day, you asked me, where is romance?

I smiled and said that romance is here. My hand is tight, hold your hand.


One day, I ask you, where is romance?

You pointedly pointed at the father and son in the distance and said, "Romantic is there."

I turned to look at it. The father and son were playing "Seesaw".


One day he asked me, where is the romance?

I frowned and said, romance is there!

He opened his eyes wide, and saw his mother there laboriously lifting up loads of water. He cried, that moment.


One day, I asked him, where is romance?

He said to me cheerfully, look at that puppy, how fun it is.

I laughed aloud, and my life was so cute. See how much fun it plays.


So you still ask me, where is romance?

Haha, you should never ask me again. Because only you know where the romance of your life is.


As long as we are attentive, maybe every little thing will be romantic, every little move will be romantic.

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