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The more a person experiences, the fewer complaints

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A person's openness is reflected in the downturn.

A person's upbringing is reflected in his anger.

A person's thoughtfulness is reflected in sad times.

A person's maturity is reflected in the choice.

Everyone is willing to do what they like. But doing what you should do is called growth!

The more a person experiences, the fewer complaints he will have. The better you are, the harder you work. The root of this phenomenon is that good people always see better than themselves, while mediocre people always see worse than themselves. After working hard, you will find yourself much better than you think.

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Life is not stop, there are always many unexpected things. It is very important that the Taishan landslides remain unchanged, and the storm suddenly rises and stays calmly. Changing from crisis to peace often requires a superb mind and a good attitude. Thinking more and less excited, more loving and less hatred, life becomes more beautiful.

Do n’t just use your fingers to laugh at others, because while you are laughing at others, you have 3 fingers pointing at yourself.

Through life and death, we can understand the importance of health; through gain and loss, we can understand the importance of indifference. Being a simple and true self and being at ease is the best state of being alive. There is always an answer to anything, and instead of worrying about it, let it be. Don't wait until there is nothing you can do, choose to let it go; it's because you have nothing to do with your heart that you are forced to rest with it. You don't need to be envious of others, let it be, and live your own life is true happiness.

No matter how strong people are, there are times when they are fragile. Some griefs may not be understood by everyone, and some grievances may not be heard by everyone. Without saying a word, not saying nothing, just not wanting to speak; silent, not unintentional, just nobody understands. No tears, not no tears, because camouflage. Not to say suffering, not without suffering, but because of strength.

Everything that appears in life cannot be owned, only experienced. The way of life is to go step by step. Let us not envy the happiness of others. What you think you don't have may be on the way, what you think she has may be on the way.

Only when we know how to advance and retreat can we achieve life. Our life is not long. Today's bitter experience is the best memories of tomorrow. Today's efforts will become more gains tomorrow! What you miss makes it miss forever.

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