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People are afraid of sadness, trees are afraid of hurting roots.

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Talking to someone who knows you is a form of stress reduction.

Talking to someone who doesn't understand you is boring.

It is a joy to talk to someone who likes you.

Talking to someone you don't like is a torture.

Meeting is not important, reliability is important;

Rich or poor is not important, it is the most important to care about each other.

For a car, speed is not important, safety is important.

It doesn't matter if you meet or not every day, it's important to have you in your heart.

It's not important to have money but not money, it's important to be willing to spend for you!

If you cherish me, I will give it back twice, you don't care, why should I be nostalgic!

People are afraid of sadness, trees are afraid of hurting roots.

As a friend:

If you pay for me,

I will never fail you.

As a lover:

If you dare to gamble on me,

I will desperately not let you lose!

This is heart for heart!

You are more true to me, you turn around!

Being stupid is not a problem.

Human spirit is not a problem, it is not bad;

It ’s no problem to be good at using people, just do n’t unload and kill donkeys;

It ’s not a problem to have rich people and poor people .

It doesn't matter what others think of me, just ask yourself!

No one speaks behind anyone , everyone is said behind,

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There is no one who is not commented, and nothing that is not discussed.

If one day you find out,

I have distance from you, I have less contact,

It must be that you are too fine, I am too stupid to play together!

Short-term interaction looks at the face, long-term interaction looks at the temper,

Throughout life, you look at character, and you don't want to look at your heart.

Time, verified the hearts of the people;

Money has witnessed human nature;

Communication, verified the true feelings.

Without a fall, I don't know who will help you.

No shortage of money, I don't know who will help you.

Do n’t get sick, I do n’t know who hurts you the most.

No matter who knows who is going to lie to you.

It's raining before I know who will give you an umbrella.

When you are in trouble, you know who will be sincere to you.

Cherish the person who should be cherished,

Thanks for the people who helped me.

People are:

Cover your palms with your palms.

People change their hearts, or they die.

Sincere to true, enthusiastic all my life;

Consciousness and conscience, love forever!

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