hg110099.com Yang Qi is like the sun. If Yang Qi is insufficient, life will be short (must read)

Yang Qi is like the sun. If Yang Qi is insufficient, life will be short (must read)

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We often say, "Health is actually Yang Yang." Today let us listen to some of Nan Huaijin's views on life and Yang Qi, for your health reference.

The daily climate on our bodies, from 11 o'clock at night to 12 o'clock in the morning, is yang; afternoon is yin. At present, many young people in the city are not full of yang. They get dizzy in the morning and have no spirit at all; they get better after taking a nap in the afternoon; they become better and better at nightlife. These people are full of yin, and you need to know about Chinese medicine to see a doctor.

Most people have a faint mind from day to night and lack of spirit, especially the young people are not clear in the morning and slowly get better after noon. Probably all of our friends are in this situation, this is the life of modern people. This life is not called night life, it is a ghost life, day and night are reversed.

In other words, big drowsy people, greedy and scornful doubts are here, and they are fond of wine and wealth. Especially all sentient beings in the world of desire, the criminal acts are at night or at night. After studying this matter clearly, I know that all comorbidities arise from coma, and all comorbidities follow coma .

For example, in the dance halls, the inside is dim, and only ghosts are seen. It is a picture of hell. Everyone is in a dim state. Why do we have to be dark to be comfortable? Because dimness and darkness are in the same realm, all sentient beings enter into the dimness as happiness with their bodies and minds. This is what the Buddha said: "All beings are upside down, they are pitiful ones." Therefore, if the practice is successful, you must enter the Daguangmingding. It is no longer in the dim state. This is the reason.

For one day, this yin and yang is outside during the day. "Pingdan is popular, and the Japanese and Chinese are full of yang, while the western and western are full of qi, and the valves are closed." This is about the change of yang during the day, not the climate; It's the same principle.

The sun goes to bed as soon as it goes, and the sun gets up before it comes up. This is about agricultural society. What is Pingdan? When the sky is not yet bright, it is the turn of vitality, and at noon it is the strongest yang, when the sun is at its peak. In the afternoon, the sun turned westward, and the qi was depleted, which belonged to the yin range.

So after we got to lunch, people were a little stuffy and wanted to sleep, because the yin was born, it was naturally diminishing. When subtracting, don't pull it back forcibly, you just take care of it and make it clean, as if to sleep, in fact, it doesn't necessarily fall asleep, just let it go. This is to achieve "the sky goes down, the sky goes down".

This heaven is not religion. It is the law of nature. The activity of life matches the law of the universe. Violation, then asking for trouble, asking for short-lived, that is, the perverted heaven. But our lives are upside down day and night.

It was rejected at dusk, without disturbing bones and bones, and without seeing fog and dew.

He talked about rest and convergence at night. So when we sleep, we naturally close the windows and doors. The windows and doors are closed for qi. At night we need to know the convergence, because the qi is weak. If it violates the morning, middle, and evening hours, the body is damaged.

"Qi Bo said: Yin people hide their spirits and rise urgently, while yang people defend themselves and solidify themselves." This is the truth about yin and yang, and there is life and body. What you can't see is Yin, and the one outside and strong is called Yang, which is a code name. Yang is divergent and bright. The yin on our body contains sperm, so be careful, it's not the sperm produced by sex between men and women! All of our own cell activity energy is fine. This concept needs to be clarified.

"Yin cannot prevail over Yang, the pulse is thin, and disease is not crazy." If Yin cannot restrain Yang, victory is restrained, and the principle of Shengke; when Yang is too strong, blood pressure rises, blood vessels swell, and sometimes encounter other The condition went mad.

"Yang can't overcome the yin, then the five internal organs contend for the qi, and the nine organs can't get through." Yang qi can't overcome the yin, and the turbid air in the internal organs can't come out. Our Chinese is turbid air, and the carbon in the body can't come out. Nine tricks, no nose, no ears, etc. are all here.

"It is based on the sage Chen Yinyang, the veins and veins are the same, the bone marrow is strong, and the qi and blood are all from it." Therefore, the great saint focuses on self-cultivation, clearing the veins and veins of the veins and veins, and the muscles and bones are in harmony.

"If so, the internal and external reconciliation, evil can not be harmed, smart eyes and ears, the same as before, the wind is seductive, the essence is dead, the evil also hurts the liver." Yin and Yang are reconciled inside and outside, there will be no evil to enter. As a result, his own vitality and energy can't resist, resulting in mental exhaustion. Blood samples were taken and the cells changed. In this case, the first one is liver damage. The injury is the first disease that develops and is unhealthy.

"So full food, tendon and veins dissolve, intestinal loops are hemorrhoids." For example, this situation, coupled with eating too much, our air vessels and nerves will change, hemorrhoids will form, and the intestines will be susceptible to illness. "Therefore, a big drink is a retrograde qi." Drinking too much gas hurts the qi because it is retrograde too much; "so strong, kidney qi is hurt, high bone is bad." If you work hard and force hard, it will hurt you. Kidney Qi. "High bones are bad", important bone joints are injured.

"Everywhere yin and yang are important, Yang Mi is solid. If the two are not in harmony, if spring is not autumn, and if winter is not summer, then reconciliation is sacredness." Therefore, the main point of yin and yang is to reconcile. There is no autumn in spring or winter or summer. For example, what we have connected to the five internal organs from the tongue belongs to yin, which is the self-discipline system described by western medicine. The central nervous system of the spine that supervises the veins belongs to yang. Sometimes you can't hold things in your hands, you have a stroke, and you have an autonomic disorder. This is in the name of Western medicine.

"Therefore, Yang Qiang cannot be dense, but Yin Qi is absolute. Yin is flat, Yang is dense, and spirit is rule." The anode is negative, and the cathode is positive. The Taoist principle is also the medical principle, the Internal Classic. Men represent yang in the yin and yang doctrines of the Book of Changes, and women belong to yin. In the past, for example, looking for someone to tell a fortune, a fortune teller asked you whether to do it or to do it. Man is Qian Gua and woman is Kun Gua. Or ask you whether it's Yang or Yin, this is a representative of ordinary men and women.

But in terms of Taoism and medical science, is a man a yang? Men are yin, only one point is the essence of the sun. Is a woman overcast? Women are all yang, only one point is the essence of yin. This is called the yin yang, yin yang. These two sentences seem to have been passed down from ancient times, but you must know the path and learn the medicine; but now you need to verify the science, which requires scientists to find a way.

In other words, using the latest technology to conduct experiments, or to use quantum mechanics and vacuum mechanics to explain the truth, there is yin in yang, and yang in yin. The focus is on the middle point, so say "yin, ping yang, dense, spirit is rule."

"Yin and Yang are decisive, and their essence is absolute." Yin and Yang are separated and cannot be reconciled, and the vitality of our lives is gone. "If the Yang Qi is in the sky and the sun, he will lose his life if he loses his place." Yang Qi is like the sun in the sky. If your Yang Qi is not good, it will be short-lived.

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What is the so-called Yang Qi? Happiness is also yang, happiness is also yang. And "Lao Tzu" made it very clear that when a baby sleeps, at some point, especially a baby boy, his urination part will rise, because the spirit is enough. Of course, sometimes it is urination, and sometimes it is not necessarily urination.

Lao Tzu tells your child that it's up, that's the Yang Qi. At that time, there was no concept of sexual desire. When people grow up, men and women are the same. What about men? Lao Tzu said pretending; what about women? Swelling of the breasts. The same principle, one Yin and one Yang, the single is called the yang, the double is called the yin. This is called yang, and this monk is also called the living son.

When I was in my teens and had the concept of sexuality, this yang energy came into trouble and it was called a tiger down the mountain and it was going to eat people. Therefore, Taoism has to drop the dragon and hide the tiger. You can never catch this tiger. And this tiger is very powerful. The stick of Sun Wukong on "Journey to the West" is the thing that changed. This thing was a magic needle on the bottom of the sea. Hanging there was useless. Standing up all of a sudden, it was a big trouble. This is the principle of yang, which is tangible.

So you have a good spirit and a lot of yang. People who know how to practice and practice should be able to grasp when the yang is activated, and their health is getting better and better. How to grasp it? Some monks have quickly controlled their gas, and that's it. The Buddhism talked about the empty thoughts of the heart, just shone it and watched it start. Yang Qi is like the sky and the sun.

So what does monasticism look like? What is Yiyanglaifu? In terms of male physiology, it is when the Yang lifts. So when you wake up, Yang should pay attention. Many Buddhist monks also ask, what should we do at this time?

I often mention the rules of the Buddhism. In fact, the Taoism was the same. Every temple was clocked to sleep almost every day, especially in the ancient temples in the mountains. When the sun went, it was time to sleep at six or seven in the evening. In the morning, it was three o'clock in the morning and four o'clock in the morning. The practitioners got up and went to the temple. Why so early? He cooperated with the laws of nature. At this time, Yang Qi had just started, and he got up to work, read the sutras, and meditate. Work will not be missed.

Like the nocturnal emission of young men, when is the most time? If you go to bed at eight or nine in the evening, the nocturnal emission is almost at four or five o'clock. As soon as I woke up, I woke up and slept again. In fact, my brain didn't fall asleep. As soon as the yang energy matched the physiological desire, it was missed. The physiological phenomenon of women is not as obvious as that of men, but it is also there. Women's mental and physical changes at this time.

When a monk should understand that the living child, our body is a small world, and the rules of the popularization of spiritual qi and blood are the same principle and the same principle as the operation of the sun, moon, and celestial bodies. But each person's endowment is different, fat, thin, male and female, old and young. This is not to be counted, and the psychological conditions are different. The ancients said that "people's hearts are different, and each has its own face." No two people in the world have the same face. Similarly, no two people in the world have the same mind.

In other words, a good-looking person who knows how to look at his face knows his personality, as well as his life's successes and failures. This is a hexagram. Hang it on your face and you will hang it out when you are unhappy. Haha laughed, and his face hung up. So one's psychological phenomenon manifests in everyone. Yiyang comes back, each person's yang occurs, the time is different, and the encounter is different, so it is called "living child" and it must be used.

Speaking of Yang Qi's activation, according to the Taoist law, we must start from below. The hexagram is Kun hexagram to the extreme, and Yiyangsheng is a complex hexagram. Tantra is called the sea floor, and Chinese medicine is the perineum. For example, the yang of men and the physiological changes of women are all initiated by yang.

Many people in the study of Buddhism have no idea about the reason, and when they lift up, they think, bad! You have sinned fornication. This error is extreme! Yangju is only a physical change. If it is not accompanied by the desire of men and women, it does not have good and evil itself, it is only a phenomenon of vitality, what precepts to commit! Whether to commit an offence or not is based on psychological conditions. When this physiological change is a living child, it is the source of life, and it is not possible without this. Taoism also believes that this is the source of living water and vitality.

At this time, the yang is not necessarily from the child's time, not necessarily from the lower part of the body, and each person is different due to different bodies. So some young people meditate, and suddenly their hands are hot, which is also a symbol! You said that when you meditate and calm down, suddenly your left hand becomes hot, and suddenly the meat jumps on the side, and suddenly the stomach stirs, and some people are scared to death, afraid of something wrong. Aren't you still sitting there? What are you afraid of beating inside?

Many classmates asked me about these things, and I got angry as soon as I heard them. Are you afraid of earthworms coming in, or are you afraid of getting an electric shock? Although this is not a living child, it is also a kind of aerodynamics. As long as you ignore it, the Qi pulse starts slowly. As for why it started at this time, you have to study the reason carefully. For example, the left side belongs to the yang side and the right side belongs to the yin side; if the five fingers are different, it belongs to the heart, which is the lungs. So to really understand Chinese medicine, you still have to learn it!

Living from yin and yang, death from contradiction, governance from contradiction, chaos from contradiction, and contradiction to contradiction are inward.

So you have to understand the rule of yin and yang at four o'clock. You can nourish yourself, nourish and maintain this body. If you violate it, you will get sick and have internal problems.

"It is because the saints have not cured, they have not been cured, and they have been cured. But this is also the case." This is the ancient Chinese culture. Medicine is the same as politics. Because it's all medical reason.

Therefore, "the sage has been cured but has not been cured". When there is no illness, take a pill first and cure it first if there is something wrong. It's too late to wait until you are sick. The same is true of politics. There is chaos in the world. You do n’t count on credit for peace. It is the great politician who can keep the national society from chaos forever. It seems that no credit is given, but in fact the credit is greatest. These words are the essence of Chinese culture.


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