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What to do before and after menstruation?

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Occasionally, menstruation is not a problem, but it is often the case. You can actively prepare for pregnancy while adjusting your menstrual cycle.

The basic period of menstruation is 28-35 days, of course, if it is a few days in advance or a few days later, such as 25-40 days, as long as it is regular every month, it is normal. If you occasionally advance or postpone, there is no problem, but if you do so often, pay attention.

possible reason

1. Exhausted, stressed, and in a bad mood. If you continue to be tired for a certain period of time, or if your mood is not good enough to affect your work and rest, it is likely to cause a nervous system response, and endocrine will also be affected, causing menstruation to advance or delay.

2. Taking contraceptives or having an abortion: Contraceptives generally contraceptives by regulating hormones in the body, which can cause menstrual disorders. In some irregular clinics, poor sanitary conditions, medical technology and equipment during abortion Are poor, so it will cause endometrial inflammation, menstrual blood stasis and other conditions, resulting in menstrual cycle disorders.

3. Of course, if you are already preparing for pregnancy, delayed menstruation is an important signal for pregnancy!

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4. Distinguish from ovulation bleeding: Sometimes you find yourself bleeding, thinking that your menstruation is advanced, but it may actually be ovulation bleeding. The amount of bleeding during ovulation is very small, and it may be accompanied by a small abdominal pain.

What can you do?

1. Do a detailed gynecological examination to ensure that the menstrual cycle is not caused by an organic disease.

2, to ensure sleep quality, do not stay up late.

3, a balanced diet, eat more whole grains, help metabolism.

4. Adjust your mood and stay cheerful.

5, while regulating the menstrual cycle, while actively preparing for pregnancy. Don't give up monitoring ovulation due to unstable menstrual cycle, you can also prepare well.

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