hg877728.com Even if there is ETC at high speed, you must know these routines

Even if there is ETC at high speed, you must know these routines

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Spring is here, and it's spring season again,

Then the highway started to congest,

It became a place of accidents and parking lots.

How can I get through toll stations safely and quickly?

What would happen without these routines ~

Remember the free time for high-speed holidays

During the holidays, the expressway implements a seven-passenger policy and free tolls for downloading passenger cars. Many private cars will travel together. Therefore, if you want to pass the expressway quickly during this period, you can follow the peak shift during the freeway toll-free period.

Don't change lanes at the toll gate

There are many passages at the toll gate, and some car owners find that other toll gates can pass faster when they approach the toll gate, so it is very dangerous to change lanes arbitrarily. Vehicles entering before queuing up are fast, and any access road is prone to collisions. So after entering the solid area, don't change lanes again.

Follow highway signs

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There are usually traffic signs at the toll gate of the expressway, which mainly introduces the traffic situation on the road and weather changes, etc. "Old drivers" should pay attention before entering the toll gate, understand the situation on the expressway in a timely manner, and make reasonable arrangements Travel directions.

Do not unfasten your seat belt when passing through a toll booth

Some car owners will unfasten their seat belts when they pass the toll station, but they forget to wear their seat belts after leaving. In this way, once they are captured or seen by the traffic police, they will be fined two hundred yuan and deducted two points. Neither time cost nor money cost is worth it.

So "old drivers",

Be sure to keep these methods in mind,

Driving the FAW-Volkswagen Spring Tour

In order to safely and quickly pass toll roads.

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